DOGSDog Food & Treats30 Years of Healthy Pets, Expert Advice and Natural Nutrition

30 Years of Healthy Pets, Expert Advice and Natural Nutrition

In 1993, John Burns began his mission to change pet food forever.

John BurnsAs a vet, John saw an ongoing trend of unwell pets with preventable conditions. Among the tinned mystery meats and table scraps that were common in the nineties, Burns introduced a revolutionary idea: natural, healthy pet food modelled on a homecooked diet.

Fast forward to 2023 and John has certainly succeeded in his mission. Not only has Burns sold over 2 billion bowls of natural and healthy pet food, but the pet food industry has followed in the same tracks. Although there are countless pet foods that provide natural recipes in all shapes and sizes, there is nothing quite like Burns.

What makes Burns different? The simple and effective recipes are specially designed to contain complex carbohydrates like brown rice and buckwheat, while being naturally low in fat and protein, reducing the amount of toxic build up in the system. Burns meets a pet’s needs instead of exceeding them, and this will never change, regardless of current trends.

Burns has come a long way in 30 years. From selling Original Chicken & Brown Rice from the back of a van, to feeding pets worldwide with that very same recipe, Burns has hit the ground running. Now Burns Pet Nutrition has multiple varieties to suit every type of pet, as well as a team of expert Nutritional Advisors to point customers in the right direction.

John Burns posterThroughout the past 30 years of innovation, one core feature has remained; being a family-run, independent business with no desire to sell out. Burns Pet Nutrition continues to support small and local pet shops, community projects in South Wales and feed rescue dogs across the UK and Ireland. Last year, John Burns was awarded an MBE for his impact on pet nutrition in Britain and his charity work in West Wales.

The award-winning recipes have been widely commended by pet owners and vets alike. Vet, Pete Wedderburn recently recommended Burns Original dry food to readers of a popular newspaper, naming it his Best Buy: “Burns is my top pick for dry dog food because of the simplicity and high quality of its ingredients (essentially, chicken and brown rice)”. In fact, he has selected Burns as his first choice of food in 3 out of 8 categories; dry food, sensitive and toy & small breed. In addition, he has given Burns a thumbs-up in 3 other categories.

Last year, Which? surveyed 3,122 Which? Members to discover the most delicious dog foods you can buy. Burns was named the best-loved brand for the second year in a row, and works out the cheapest to feed too!

In their next 30 years, Burns aims to continue to satisfy even the most fussy and sensitive of pets, offer excellent value for money and help as many pet owners as possible.

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