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Albion Meat Products – Frozen Raw Food

Albion Meat Products is a long-established family owned and run business with over 30 years’ experience of providing quality frozen raw food for your discerning pet.

The meat and bone used in Albion Meat Products is minced to make sure that the meals are highly digestible and palatable for your dog and come in easy to use 454 gram blocks which are easy to defrost and store in the freezer.

The products cover a variety of ranges using quality human grade meats which are sourced from approved British farms and our other tried and tested suppliers.

The manufacturing process and production methods meet stringent DEFRA standards and where possible we deliver directly to your door utilising our fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure that the products reach you our customer in the very best condition.

Why feed raw? – In some commercial pet foods intense heat is used during the manufacturing process which can allegedly destroy and reduce nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Some other types of dry foods also contain a large amount of grain, cereals and other fillers together with artificial colourings.

The key benefits attributed to feeding a raw diet includes:

  • Tartar build-up on the teeth can be eliminated, breath is improved, and a dog will have stronger teeth and gums.
  • Itchy skins associated with allergies can be alleviated.
  • Stool volume and odour can be significantly reduced.
  • A dog’s weight will be brought into line and it is easy to maintain a leaner, fit body which can only lead to a healthier dog with more vitality.

Albion meat products beef

Natural vitamins and minerals contained in the meats used in their uncooked state can help to maintain a healthy skin, coat, immune system and joints. Meats like Tripe contain the lactic acid bacteria which is the main ingredient in probiotics which in turn aids digestion thus efficiently utilising the food eaten. Chicken is also a good source of Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids and a natural source of Chrondroitin and Glucosamine.

Albion offers a “Complete” range containing meals of premium mince and tasty vegetables all combined in one meal. This range has two products suitable for use as a weaning/starter food in either Chicken or Beef flavours with the addition of the required trace elements and three Adult versions in Chicken, Beef with the additional Turkey for those dogs that may have an aversion or allergy to Chicken.

Albion meat products turkeyWe also then have a “Complementary” range, again with premium cuts of meat but also with the addition of vegetables and fruit. This comes in a variety of meats to include Chicken, Lamb, Salmon, Duck, Rabbit and Venison. These combinations allow for a wide and varied diet but still maintaining your dog’s energy levels especially if your dog requires higher protein and fat levels during hard exercise.

We also have other ranges available, our Chunky range which gives your dog something to get their teeth into and with chewing this helps with the dogs breath and teeth as well as alleviating stress by giving the dog something to concentrate on. This is available in Beef and Tripe.

There is also a Freeflow range, which as the name suggests allows you to decant as much or as little as required which can be very useful if you only have a small dog and don’t want to defrost a 454 gram block allowing the remainder to be returned to the freezer.

There are various “treat” products also available which include, Chicken wings, necks (Chicken, Turkey and Duck), Heart (Poultry), Liver, and three different whole frozen fish (Mackerel, Sardines and Sprats) and bones.

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Telephone number: 01386 554095 

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