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All you need for a happy and healthy four legged friend

Do you own one of the 13 million dogs who call the UK home? For many, this new four-legged friend might have started its life as an online ad.

Sadly, millions of puppies advertised online in classified ad sites such as Pets4Homes, Gumtree and Facebook, are illegally imported from Europe and often bred and transported in heartless conditions. And with a click of a button, they could be yours.

At FOUR PAWS we always advocate adopting a new pet, but we appreciate that this isn’t always possible for every family. For many, the internet offers an easy option, but a cute pup bought with a quick click may sadly result in a sick puppy.

We want to help every family avoid the risks and instead enjoy their new puppy. So, from ensuring you’re asking the right questions when looking for your new four-legged friend, to puppy-proofing your new home, we have you covered with our helpful guide.

Please think before you click and get all the advice you can before bringing an animal into your lives. Sign up to www.four-paws.org.uk/buy-a-puppy-responsibly to get your free copy.



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