DOGSDog InsuranceAnimal Friends Insurance’s bid to make pet theft a crime

Animal Friends Insurance’s bid to make pet theft a crime

At Animal Friends Pet Insurance, protecting animals is at the heart of what we do and as pet owners ourselves, we understand how important they are and how devastating it can be to even think about having our beloved pet stolen.

DogLost reported a 170% increase in incidents of dog theft in 2020 and we want to try and help keep the nation’s pets as safe as possible while ensuring that thieves are held accountable for their heartbreaking crime.

Pets are more than just property

We’re working with the Pet Theft Reform, created by Dr Daniel Allen in collaboration with Debbie Matthews (the late Sir Bruce Forsyth’s daughter), to fight for better laws that recognise the important role pets play in our lives.

We are calling on the Government to make pet theft crime a specific offence with access to appropriate custodial sentences.

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Not only that, but we will also be advocating for Fern’s Law and Tuk’s Law to be incorporated into the new pet theft act, making it a compulsory requirement for vets to scan for microchips and a single, centralised microchip database to be created, accessible by police, vets, authorities and rescues to provide quick unifications and to support criminal investigations.

Why we are doing it

Under the current legislation in England and Wales, pets are classified as property, meaning that if they’re stolen and the criminal is caught, their sentence is the same as if your cat or dog was a mobile phone! We believe our pets are much more than that, they’re part of the family and we wouldn’t ever want to be without them.

Pet theft is devastating, and the current punishment does not reflect the emotional trauma of losing an animal. It must be taken seriously, and that’s why we’re working to try and change things.

What else are we doing to help

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Earlier on in the year, we teamed up with Suzy Lamplugh Trust and the Pet Theft Reform to provide owners everywhere with preventative advice around home security, dog walk safety, recall training and social media precautions.

As part of our mission in creating a better life for every animal, we’re also offering to safeguard microchip numbers on behalf of all of our customer, meaning vets or rescue centres treating a rescued animal may have a greater chance of reuniting them with their owner in the event that the owner’s details are out of date on the chip.

Find out how to keep your pet safe today by visiting the Animal Friends Pet theft hub



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