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Edgard & Cooper – Treating them to summer adventures?

Summer is finally upon us which means we’re all grabbing our BFFs (Best Furry Friends), getting out and looking to squeeze every last minute out of the longer days & warmer weather. Edgard & Cooper want to ensure we can all make the most of our time in the beautiful outdoors – whilst treading lightly in nature at the same time. They understand that the great outdoors that our pets love and thrive in, is under threat. With millions of dogs and cats on our planet, we as pet owners have a huge impact on the environment (Did you know the pet food industry is responsible for 64 million tonnes of greenhouse gases every year?!*).

So how can you feel good about your days in the sun whilst making better choices for the planet?

Making the most of every moment

Edgard & Cooper’s JerkyEdgard & Cooper’s range of tasty jerky, bars and bites means that whatever the occasion, you’ll have the perfect, energy-packed go-to goody. Their entire range became fully recyclable thanks to the paper-based packaging used for dry dog food, treats and dental products. Being plastic free and using water-soluble inks, they are easy to recycle with your normal paper recycling at home!

Going to be on the move a lot? Whether it’s fuelling long sunrise hikes or taking a quick break between hours of squirrel chasing, sometimes life demands extra fuel. Edgard & Cooper’s protein-rich Busy Day bars will keep your four-legged friend full of energy if you’re out exploring for longer than usual.

Dogs love Edgard & Cooper’sYou might be taking the opportunity to teach good behaviours or even learning a few tricks this summer to mix it up, rather than just throwing the same ball again and again! There will be moments when you have to let your dog know when he’s made you proud. Edgard & Cooper’s pocket-sized, energy-rich bites are the perfect go-to goody, particularly as a reward for good behaviour. Not too much per bite, just enough for them to know they got it right.

Edgard & Cooper’s ChickenAnd for those lazy relaxed picnics in the sun? Whether it’s lunch alfresco, or end-of-the day crashes on the sofa, a more substantial treat is in order – especially if a treat is a way of saying ‘I love you’ in dog! Their protein-packed jerky is the perfect way to say those three magic words as often as you like and give your dog a real moment of indulgence with the highest quality meats, which have been packaged with care.

Remember, Edgard & Cooper’s range never uses meat meal of meat derivatives and their treats are grain-free, making them the perfect companion for any summer adventure.

Always trying harder to protect nature

So far, Edgard & Cooper’s sustainable packaging mission has saved nearly 7.5 million petroleum based plastic bags from being in circulation across Europe.

Edgard coopr healthy Dog treats

Besides their packaging, they’re stepping up to do more for the planet. In 2019 Edgard & Cooper unveiled their Zero Pawprint Plan, a strategy set to make a positive impact on the planet. They committed to making real, lasting changes of zero carbon, fully sustainable packing and 100% ethical sourcing all by 2025, carefully setting science based targets as part of the plan.

Edgard & Cooper’s treatsEdgard & Cooper recognise that they’re not perfect yet, but with many animals in need of care and with our planet under greater threat than ever before, they’re proud to offer products that allow you to live more sustainably without compromising on quality or taste. Learn more about their recipes, sustainability mission and Zero Pawprint Plan at

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