e-NewsletterAt Paleo Ridge, we do things differently

At Paleo Ridge, we do things differently

All our ingredients are ethically sourced, our packaging is environmentally friendly, and our purpose is to make dogs healthier through a premium, species appropriate diet.

As experts in raw dog food manufacturing, we know that ethical farming standards go hand in hand with quality. Outdoor reared meat is proven to have a higher nutritional value to alternatives.

We champion the uppermost standards with suppliers and ensure that our manufacturing process meets the highest possible specifications. This unwavering dedication to quality standards is just one of the reasons why we have become the most accredited raw dog food supplier in the UK. We believe dogs deserve the best, as such we ensure that every meal is made with premium ingredients and minced with a nice chunky texture that we know dogs love.

By making the best possible quality dog food, we ensure that our customers dogs have optimum health, with less trips to the vet and a longer life.

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