DOGSDog HealthcareBanish Pet Smells, Bacteria and Viruses with Zoflora

Banish Pet Smells, Bacteria and Viruses with Zoflora

Zoflora Fresh Home Odour Remover and Disinfectant has been especially developed for homes with pets, containing patented odour elimination technology proven to destroy pet-specific odours including urine, excrement and ‘wet dog’ smell. 

Zoflora Fresh Home kills 99% of bacteria and viruses which can affect your pet, including Bordetella Bronchiseptica (a cause of kennel cough in dogs, ‘snuffles’ in rabbits and respiratory disease in cats), Campylobacter Jejuni (diarrhoea in dogs and humans) and MRSA (antibiotic-resistant infections in dogs, cats and other pets), as well as Streptococcus equi (Strangles in horses).

The product is safe to use on floors, carpets, walls, cages, pet beds, artificial grass, litter trays, kennels and more. Zoflora is free from phenols and therefore safe to use around most pets, always read the instructions before use. Zoflora’s latest Mountain Air fragrance is an outdoorsy ozonic blend of herbs and florals, specifically developed to be kind to pets’ delicate sense of smell.

pet zoflora fresh homeHints for a Hygienic Home

To help keep your home clean and fresh all year round, Zoflora has compiled a list of top tips for cleaning pet-friendly homes:

Pet Hair

Dogs and cats cast their hair across most fabrics including sofas, curtains and bedding. For a quick result, use rubber gloves to remove pet hair – the hairs will naturally stick to the rubber material, leaving clean, hair free home furnishings!


Nasty odours can cling to your pet’s bedding and linger in your home, so if the fabric is machine washable, wait for a bright, sunny day and pop it into the washing machine with a cap full of Zoflora Fresh Home, then hang outside to dry. For a quick freshen up, dilute 2 cap fulls of Zoflora in a clean, empty trigger spray and target those high traffic fabrics.

Litter Trays

Litter trays are packed full of germs and bacteria, so dilute 1 part Zoflora Fresh Home to 4 parts water and wash down the surface with a cloth, before leaving to dry.


For smaller pets, their cages can become a haven for germs and smells. We’d recommend cleaning out their bedding once a week, and using a solution of 1 part water to 4 parts Zoflora, to wipe down the surfaces of the cage using a damp cloth.

Air your Home

Open your windows and let the fresh air in! Sometimes pet smells can get overwhelming; try opening the windows and doors to air out different rooms in your home. Even on very cold days, five minutes of fresh air can make all the difference.


There is no telling when little accidents may happen, so our advice is be prepared and act fast! Dilute 1 part Zoflora to 4 parts water and use a mop to clean up those nasty surprises, killing bacteria and eliminating odours effortlessly.


To stop a build-up of pet hair gathering in your home, daily brushing and grooming is essential. Brushing your pet’s fur outside on a regular basis, keeps on top of their coat shedding, keeping your furniture fur free for longer!

pet zoflora fresh homeArtificial Grass and Patios

Artificial grass and patios are great for keeping muddy paw prints at bay in your home, however these areas are often hot spots for bacteria, viruses and odour. Dilute Zoflora in a bucket as per the instructions and swill across patios, runs, kennels and artificial grass for a fresh and clean outdoor space.

Zoflora Fresh Home is available in Morisons, Asda, Wilkinsons and Pet Hut

For more hints and tips, and details on the full Zoflora range, visit

Zoflora is safe to use around most pets*, read the product packaging thoroughly before use. Allow treated areas to dry thoroughly before pets are allowed back in.

*Not suitable for use in vivaria or fish tanks.



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