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Benyfit Natural and Raw Feeding

Feeding your dog with raw, unprocessed food means you are giving the most nutritious and healthy diet possible. Raw dog diets are either pure meat, offal and bone (the prey method), or meat with vegetables, fruit and some supplements (the BARF method).

Preparing a raw dog food diet at home is possible, but takes some time and effort – and raw feeding can get pretty messy and smelly, especially once you start adding offal into the mix.

raw feeding benyfitThe Benyfit Natural range of raw dog food is the perfect solution. Our recipes contain everything your dog needs: all made with sustainably sourced, human-grade and wholesome ingredients, and all nutritionally balanced. Plus the meals come packaged in frozen 500g or 1kg blocks, ready to thaw and feed as required.

Our delicious ranges cover both raw feeding methods and with 0% fillers, grain or cereals and 100% nutritious deliciousness, there is a recipe for every dog!

If you are still unsure check out the benefits of raw dog food.

80 10 10 range

raw feeding dog foodThis range matches the prey model of feeding – pure animal product. 80% prime cuts of protein-rich, fresh meat, 10% bone and 10% offal. 80 10 10 recipes are perfectly suited for all adult dogs but especially for those who suffer from allergies, itchy skin, hotspots, and yeast intolerances, often brought about by vegetables.

Ancestral dogs would have eaten like this in the wild: skin, muscle meat, bones, offal and connective tissue as it comes, not processed in any way. Benyfit Natural 80 10 10 meals mimic this, except everything is chopped up and fresh frozen for easy storage and packaging.

Working Dog and World Explorer ranges

Based on the BARF method with 80% fresh meat, bone and offal and 20% fresh vegetables and botanicals. Like the prey method, this mirrors an ancestral dogs’ wild diet but with the addition of vegetables and minerals. Benyfit Natural’s recipes include vegetables such as broccoli and carrot, as well as egg and botanicals to deliver minerals.

benyfit logoIf you have any questions about the Benyfit Natural range of raw dog food, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01892 770188.

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