DOGSDog Food & TreatsBenyfit Natural raw dog food range. All the nutrition your dog needs.

Benyfit Natural raw dog food range. All the nutrition your dog needs.

Rosette Benyfit Natural award

The Benyfit Natural range of raw dog food meals, bones and treats has been specially devised for dogs by canine nutritionists and behaviourists. You and your dog are guaranteed of the highest possible nutritional value. We love the meals and treats we create for all our beloved furry friends and we’re so delighted to have won an award for Raw Dog Food of the Year 2021.

The Benyfit Natural range

Benyfit Natural 80*10*10 meals range:raw feeding benyfit

100% meat and vegetable-free, made with 80% prime cuts of British muscle meat, 10% bone and 10% ox offal. A raw meat diet free from vegetables and grains is perfect for all dogs, but especially good for those with allergies, itchy skin or yeast intolerances.

Benyfit Natural Working Dog meals range:raw feeding benyfit

complete and nutritionally balanced and made with human-grade muscle meat, bone and raw offal mixed with fresh vegetables and botanicals. Grain, filler and additive-free, just 100% natural and fresh.

Air Dried Treats:
we all love giving our dogs treats now and then. But dog treats can be full of fat, cereal and fillers. Benyfit Natural Air Dried Treats are raw, high in protein, lean and delicious. We have chosen some interesting flavours and textures to satisfy your dog, including rabbit ears with fur, deer ears and chicken feet.

sometimes we all need a little extra boost, perhaps some extra vitamins, something to relieve stress or to settle our tummies. Our dogs are no different so we have a new range of Toppers that you sprinkle directly on top of a bowl of food. 100% natural and packed with vitamins and minerals, these little boosts will add an extra zing to your dog’s raw diet.

Why is a raw food diet so good for dogs?

Raw, unprocessed dog food is great for keeping teeth and gums healthy, making coats and fur shiny with fewer skin complaints, it results in smaller, harder and less smelly poo and it can mean a reduced risk in health complications, so smaller vets bills!

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