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The benefits of feeding your dog raw food with Benyfit

Benyfit Natural is a raw feeding expert. Our entire range of meals, bones and snacks has been devised by canine nutritionists and behaviourists, so we know we are producing raw dog food with the highest possible nutritional value for your dogs.

The question we get asked most frequently about raw feeding is about the benefits of raw dog food. It’s very convenient, after all, to be able to add some tins of dog food or a bag of kibble to your weekly shop, so why go to the bother of feeding your dog special food?

It’s easy for us to wax lyrical about how great raw feeding is! We practice what we preach, and have always fed our own dogs raw, which is how Benyfit Natural was conceived. We could see for ourselves how healthier and happier our dogs were when fed a raw diet. So what are the benefits of raw dog food?

Benefits of a raw dog food diet

benefits of raw dog foodOver time, our knowledge and understanding of what constitutes a healthy, balanced diet has developed. We know that processed food is stripped of nutritional value, is high in unwanted and unnecessary additives and is not a sustainable food choice. Apply the same principles to our dogs’ diet and raw food becomes a winning choice. On top of that, take a look at the health benefits of raw feeding:

  • High quality protein, such as the meat in all our recipes, is in its best nutritional state when raw.
  • Our food contains small pieces of raw bone which is extremely good for cleaning teeth and keeping gums healthy.
  • Coats and fur become shiny and glossy and there’s a reduced risk of skin complaints.
  • Raw food doesn’t contain any fillers, cereals or grain. And that results in smaller, harder and less smelly stools. Much easier to clear up!
  • Smaller, harder stools mean naturally emptied anal glands – a real bonus for you and the vet.
  • No added sugar reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • Fewer health complications mean smaller vet bills.
  • For competition dogs, there’s a high chance that performance improves, with better results when competing.

What about dogs with sensitivities or special dietary needs?

benefits of raw dog foodRaw dog food is perfect for dogs with sensitivities, special dietary needs or skin complaints, and for senior dogs as well as pups. We have special recipes for each category. Switching a dog to raw food when they have had skin or dietary issues can make a massive noticeable difference. Remember to always make any dietary changes gradually.

Isn’t raw food difficult to store and handle?

Raw dog food is no more difficult to handle than raw meat that we might eat. Careful hygiene is always advocated when handling any raw foods and the same rules apply to raw dog food – use separate utensils, clean surfaces and bowls after use, always wash hands after handling. Benyfit Natural raw dog food is packaged in 500g and 1kg boxes that stack easily in a freezer and can be thawed in a fridge – away from other food stuffs, of course. You simply defrost a package as needed and dish out the required amount at each meal. The packaging can be washed out after use and recycled with your usual household waste.

The Benyfit Natural team is always happy to talk to anyone who has questions about raw feeding, switching to a raw dog food diet, or to help select the right Benyfit Natural meals for their dog. We’d love to hear from you, so please give us a call on 01892 770188.

To order, please visit the Website and Use HEALTH25 to receive 25% off your next order.



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