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Boxby, all natural the best for your dog’s teeth

A healthy and happy dog is the most important thing. Dental problems can cause gum inflammation and this can lead to infections elsewhere in the body, as bacteria enter the bloodstream directly through the wound in the mouth.

If a dog has dental problems they will have less appetite for food and as a result, less energy and potentially excessive drooling. It is important to have a dog’s teeth checked regularly by a veterinarian.

SHMP helps to reduce plaque build-up and zeolite has an abrasive effect and helps reduce dental plaque. Regular brushing helps to maintain clean teeth, healthy gums and protect against bad breath odour. Providing dentals is an easy way to help keep teeth clean.

Did you know that in many dental products have the same antiplaque agent (SHMP) that we use in our toothpaste? With the combination of that and the 8-star shape formular it is a perfect treat for cleaning the teeth.

The Boxby Dental Sticks are developed in cooperation with veterinarians and Wageningen University and provides a healthy lifestyle for your four-legged friend.
The Dentals come in a pack of 10 and we recommend giving 1 stick per day to your dog. The sticks are for both puppy and adult.

The Boxby Dentals are available at your local Jollyes store and online



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