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Brilliant Salmon Oil Now Available at Pets Corner

Hofseth BioCare ASA is thrilled to announce that Brilliant Salmon Oil for dogs and cats is now available at Pets Corner both in store and online.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is a natural, unrefined and gently liberated product derived from fresh Norwegian salmon. The oil is produced for human consumption, and is therefore of very high quality without any additives. The fresh taste of salmon will help increase your pet’s appetite in addition to contributing towards a shinier coat, softer paws and increased energy.

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We truly believe Pets Corner is a perfect fit for our premium brand, as Brilliant Salmon Oil has superior qualities and is the only salmon oil on the market made by one single natural ingredient suitable for human consumption. Leaving our products in the hands of the trained and skilled sales staff at every Pets Corner outlet, provides us with the ideal platform to convey all the Brilliant benefits of consuming our products to their loyal customers and pet parents.


We are proud to demonstrate the color of our oil, as it is a testament to the oil’s freshness and natural levels of antioxidants. That is why we use a clear UV-protected bottle with a practical pump to ensure that the oil stays fresh, and also make it easy for you to apply a correct dosage for your pet, without spilling.

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Fresh raw material plays a significant part in ensuring we maximize the quality of the oil. Our precious raw material is transported directly from our suppliers’ factories several times a day to ensure optimal flow of fresh salmon off-cuts. By using high quality raw materials, we are able to produce a fresh and all-natural salmon oil, like no other. We focus on a sustainable and traceable process, because when the end product needs to hold the highest possible quality, controlling all aspects of the production chain is key.

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