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Brilliant Salmon Oil to Reduce Joint Pain

Erik Svendsen, very kindly took some time out from his busy schedule to talk to us about his passion for his profession and also to offer some advise on how best to care for our pets using Brilliant.

brilliantEric lives in Aalesund in Norway with his wife, two year old son and Delto, their faithful six year old family dog. Together with his wife Merethe Molvaer Teroy who is also a Veterinarian they run Kjaeledeggen Vet Clinic.

Passion for the veterinary profession

Erik has considerable expertise within the Veterinary profession. He completed his education at NMBU in Oslo in 2016 and worked throughout his studies as clinic assistant and later as a Veterinarian at Evidensia Baerum Animal Clinic. He has also taken several continuing education courses in anesthesia, emergency medicine and surgery and is currently undergoing training in soft tissue surgery via the European School for Advanced Veterinary Services..

Outdoorsy family

When they are not busy running the Veterinary Clinic, Erik and his family love to spend time outdoors. They are ideally located mid-way between the mountains and the sea which suits their love of outdoor pursuits which of course Delto also enjoys. It is important to involve Delto in the family activities, he is a large dog that requires lots of exercise which ensures both physical and mental training needs are met. Delto is a perfect family dog and enjoys relaxing with us after all the fun and games.

Good dog keeping

When it comes to pet ownership, Erik explained that is important to understand the responsibility that we undertake. Different breeds have different needs, and some have major health challenges that we need to be aware of so that they can be manged effectively. Families have different prerequisites, and the dog breed should reflect this.

Salmon oil can reduce joint pain

A balanced diet can be the key to good health. Nutrition is a complicated and complex field.

– Even though many dogs have good diets, some foods may have lower levels of omega 3 and -6 than recommended. Deficiency of various fatty acids can result in a number of diseases. Many dogs struggle with joint and skeletal problems as they get older. This is very important to do something about as the quality of life can be significantly improved. In addition to medication, weight control and exercise, omega 3 and -6 will help reduce joint pain. Brilliant Salmon Oil helps to cover the dog’s need for essential fatty acids and I think it is better to add fresh fish oil directly to the food as food with a lot of fat can quickly turn rancid.

Brilliant makes it easy

Eirik has given Brilliant Salmon Oil to Delto over a long period of time and offers it for sale in his veterinary clinic. –Brilliant Salmon Oil makes it easy to add extra omega fatty acids to the dog. The practical pump makes both dosing and application very easy and Delto likes the taste of the fresh oil very much. He has got good skin and fur quality and otherwise he has stayed healthy and without other common ailments. An extra bonus is that the oil is sustainable produced in Norway, he concludes.

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