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Bring home the best for your sensitive dog

Pets can suffer from food allergies and intolerances, just like their humans. These intolerances could be triggered by the environment, but they may also be found in food such as soy, milk, and wheat, or even protein like beef and chicken.

If you suspect your pet has an intolerance to any of these ingredients, it might be time to switch to a specialist, hypoallergenic diet from a brand you can trust.

Burns bring home the best dog foodThe Sensitive Dry Dog Food range from Burns Pet Nutrition is a tasty and wholesome specialist food that recently claimed the top prize in the Best Specialist Food category at the Your Dog Awards in 2024. This hypoallergenic food is not only an award-winning specialist food made with high quality ingredients, but it’s also a lifeline for many pets who suffer from common symptoms like itchy skin, digestive problems, or paw chewing.

The Burns Sensitive Dry Dog food range is made without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and doesn’t contain any of the ingredients usually associated with food intolerances such as wheat, soya and dairy. It contains healthy and hypoallergenic ingredients like carrots, seaweed, and minerals, with novel protein and carbohydrate sources such as potato, maize, fish and pork. These recipes also contain added specialist ingredients such as sunflower oil and salmon oil, which can help support dogs who suffer with itchy skin. Burns Sensitive Dry Dog food is available in several tasty varieties, such as fish and wholegrain maize, or tasty pork and potato, and it’s suitable for any breed or life stage.

Burns feeding guideBurns Pet Nutrition are well known for their wholesome recipes, but even Burns knows that pets are as unique as their humans. This is why their specialist food is designed specifically to meet a variety of needs. The Burns Weight Control range is another award-winning specialist food that’s designed exclusively for overweight dogs. It’s been specially formulated with wholegrain oats, peas, seaweed, and yummy chicken to provide a tasty, high fibre and low-calorie option for dogs who need to drop a few pounds. This tasty and satisfying range provides a steady release of energy to help hungry dogs feel fuller for longer, without compromising on taste or quality.

Burns Pet Nutrition have been at the forefront of the healthy pet food market since the company was founded by vet John Burns in 1993. They specialise in developing high quality recipes without the ingredients that commonly cause food intolerances, such as wheat, soya, dairy, artificial flavourings, and artificial preservatives. As part of the Assisi Pet Care Group, Burns still carries on their original philosophy of using wholesome, natural and satisfying ingredients to create the award-winning food that pets love.

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