DOGSDog HealthcareBrits spend over £100 million a year eradicating fleas from homes!

Brits spend over £100 million a year eradicating fleas from homes!

New pet owner research has revealed the true cost of a flea infestation, with 95 per cent of British pet owners admitting they have seen a flea infestation in their home and 85 per cent spending up to £100 to eradicate fleas in their homes.

One of the reasons thought to lead to the increase of flea infestations is the climate, with milder winters meaning fleas can be considered a year-round problem. With recent record-breaking temperatures it is expected flea pressure will begin earlier this year.

puppy with fleas?To highlight the need for earlier treatment and year-round prevention, Advantage flea treatment commissioned research amongst 4,800 pet owners to recognise the true scale of the problem.

Fleas don’t just cause irritation for pets, 22 per cent of people surveyed admitted the first time they noticed a flea infestation was when they have been bitten themselves with over half experiencing up to eight bites during an infestation.

Ian Wright (BVMS, MSc, MRCVS), one of the UK’s leading expert parasitologists, said: “The most important aspect of flea control is to ensure adult fleas are killed on the pet before they can initiate egg production. Adult fleas can lay eggs within 24 hours, so owners need to use a flea product that kills fleas within that time.

“Even if an effective product and environmental treatment are used, established infestations will still take at least three months to eliminate to it is important to remember to use a preventative product frequently enough to continue prevent the infestation in the first place.”

Vicky McAlister, Bayer Advantage brand manager, said: “We commissioned this research to highlight that fleas are now a year-round issue – which many pet owners aren’t aware of.

Treating your pet with Advantage will keep your pet flea-free, and it will also help to protect your home and family. Meaning you are able to enjoy every moment with your pet in flea-free comfort.”

Consumers are urged to fight fleas with ease with Advantage – the specialist spot-on that kills fleas on cats and dogs within 24 hours, as well as flea larvae in the home, wherever the treated pet goes. Pet owners should use Advantage every four weeks on pets from the ages of eight weeks and up.

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