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Butchers nourishing food for dogs. A 100% complete and balanced meal every time

For a dog food to be complete and balanced, it must be made up of all the essential nutrients needed for your dog to live a healthy and happy life.

It must also meet the energy requirements of your furry friend, regardless of their age or activity levels. All our nourishing recipes tick this box as they contain every nutrient required to support each stage of your dog’s development, so you can feed them their favourite recipe continuously.


Sara, our nutritionist, talks about nutrients a lot; they are the building blocks of every healthy diet, have a function in body processes and are essential for development.

Here’s what every bowlful needs to include to support your dog’s overall health and vitality. However, remember that many factors can influence the nutritional requirements of your four-legged friend. From their life stage, breed and health to activity levels, environment, pregnancy and lactation.

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We hope our guide helps you to understand more about feeding wet food and treats. Also, what signs to look out for to make sure your four-legged friend stays fit and healthy.



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