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Cats – The Obligate Carnivore

Cats weren’t always the domestic companions that we have come to know and love. They have wild origins that go back over 70,000 years and are connected to that of the African Wild Cat.

Cat cleaning pawsThough there have been many subsequent changes to the outward appearance of cats over time, internally cats have barely changed at all. Beneath their cuddly fur, cats are hunters at heart so the diet you feed them should reflect this. Your cat is an “obligate” carnivore, which means that their daily nutritional requirements must include meat and organs, which are biologically essential for their survival. Cats also have a low thirst drive. Moisture is essential for cats, especially for kidney and urinary health. In nature, they get 70–75% of their daily fluid intake from the meat they consume.

ZIWI® Peak recipes are carefully crafted to mirror the “whole-prey” natural diet – a high-protein, meat-rich diet that your cat is biologically designed to eat. All recipes feature authentic levels of meat, bone, organs, and natural fats that the cat would eat in the wild. With added superfoods, cold-washed green tripe and New Zealand green mussels for an additional nutritional boost.

Our products are proudly made in New Zealand. All recipes are made with free-range and grass-fed meats, sustainable seafood and free-range chicken which are all raised or fished under strict New Zealand Standards without growth promotants and free from added hormones and antibiotics. Perfect for carnivores, our complete and balanced recipes are pure and simple.

Suitable for cats of all breeds and all life stages. Discover more at www.ziwipets.co.uk

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