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Dog Food Of The Month: Country Hunter

Country Hunter is an award-winning range of meals and treats by Natures Menu, the UK’s number one for raw and natural pet food and Europe’s leading expert in raw feeding.

Packed with the finest ingredients of human-grade poultry, game, beef and fish, and wholesome superfoods to boost your pet’s natural vitality, the Country Hunter range is the perfect everyday fuel for your dog’s and cat’s adventures.

Working with trusted ethical suppliers to provide seriously nutritious ingredients, the range of cans, pouches, raw nuggets, biscuits and treats are made with fully traceable meat and fish, blended with fruits and healthy carbohydrates.

Country Hunter

Country Hunter Cans are made from responsibly sourced cuts of meat and fish, blended with superfoods and wholesome ingredients, complete and nutritionally balanced, and grain free. All ingredients are gently cooked inside the can, to lock in the goodness. Available in a selection of varieties in 600g cans from £2.99 and 400g cans from £2.39. The Country Hunter Game Meat Selection Cans come in a new multipack selection of 12 x 400g cans, offering all the best-selling varieties, including ‘Wild Venison’ and ‘Pleasant and Goose’ giving a tasty choice at mealtimes.

Country Hunter Raw Nuggets are a complete, balanced raw meal for adult dogs and puppies, with 80% quality meat and a delicious blend of superfoods. They are gentle on digestion, perfect for dogs with sensitivities or allergies.

The nuggets are ideal for those considering switching their dog to a raw diet. Simply count the nuggets needed, thaw and serve. Available in 1kg bags with a selection of varieties such as ‘Grass Fed Beef’ and ‘British Lamb’ from just £4.59 – £5.99 RRP.

Country Hunter Superfood Crunch are bags of delicious, crunchy biscuits made with fresh cuts of meat, blended with fruits, vegetables and oats, to offer a quality, complete meal in a convenient format. Gently baked in Norfolk, the biscuits retain the natural goodness of the products’ ingredients and provide a light texture that delivers great palatability and is easy on digestion. The biscuits can also be used as a treat or meal topper and are available in 1.2kg bags with a selection of varieties including ‘Chicken and Butternut Squash’ at £7.95 RRP,.

The Country Hunter Superfood Mighty Mixer is a nutritious blend of rolled oats, fruits, vegetables and superfoods. Gently baked, with only natural ingredients, this healthy mixer or topper adds a little crunch to complement home prepared meals. Available in 1.5kg re-sealable bags, at £6.95.

The Country Hunter Superfood Bars are made with great tasting natural ingredients and are rich in protein, making them a great healthy snack or training aid for pooches. Gently air-dried to retain the natural goodness of their ingredients, the superfood bars provide a mouth-watering chewy texture. Available in a selection of varieties including ‘Beef with Spinach and Quinoa’ in 100g re-sealable bags at £2.49RRP.

Country Hunter Cat Pouches are filled with top quality raw ingredients, sealed and then gently cooked in its packaging to lock in the natural goodness. The pouches, that are perfect for fussy and allergy sensitive cats are made with 96% quality meats with added superfoods. Grain and gluten free. Available in a selection of varieties including ‘Turkey and Rabbit’ in 6 x 85g pouches from £5.70.

Country Hunter Dog Pouches are filled with top quality raw ingredients, sealed, and then gently cooked to lock in the goodness. Each pouch contains a single source of protein, scrumptious fruit and vegetables plus essential vitamins and minerals, a great alternative to raw feeding when on the move or a staycation. The grain free pouches offer a selection of varieties including ‘Free Range Chicken’ and ‘Farm Reared Turkey’. Available in 6 x 150g pouches at £6.90RRP and a multipack, containing 12 x 150g pouches at £13.80RRP.

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