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COYA – brand new raw pet food

We are COYA. We are a brand-new pet food with one simple mission; make raw feeding as easy and as accessible as possible.

COYA pork treatsWe know that raw feeding is one of the best diets for dogs with many pet owners declaring brighter eyes, more energy, shinier coats, healthier poos and overall better health and wellbeing. And we agree! As raw feeders ourselves, we live with the benefits of pure, raw diets for our furry best friends.

However, we know all too well the difficulties of feeding a raw diet. The hassle of freezer space, the organisation of defrosting and preparing and the mess that comes with it. So, we thought there had to be a better way. How could we combine the nutritional and taste benefits of raw, with the convenience of dry?

The entirety of the COYA range is 100% raw. The method of freeze-drying applies no cooking and no heat of any kind to the ingredients used, which means the product remains a raw product.

Our COYA products are a range of a pure, simple recipes using the freshest human-grade cuts of meat and specially selected fruit and vegetables. We’ve focussed on creating the best products through simplicity and purity.

Dog eating COYA pet foodWhat’s more, all products are one single protein and hypoallergenic. This means not only is our range naturally more supportive of sensitive dogs because none of our food is subject to cooking or heat in any way, being single protein can offer further support for dogs with intolerances or requirements for limited ingredients and specific proteins.

Our range spans Freeze-Dried Raw 80/20 main meals for adult dogs and puppies, as well as food toppers and treats, giving dogs of all ages, breeds and lifestyles a way to try FreezeDried Raw.

Freeze-Drying is an ancient method of food preservation, dating back to the Ancient Incas in Peru. It is a way of preserving food, whether that’s raw ingredients or fruit and vegetables picked at the height of their season, without impacting the nutritional profile in any way.

The people of Ancient Incan culture would store their food crops high in the Andes mountains; an area which had high altitude and therefore air pressure. The low temperatures and high air pressure slowly froze and then vaporised the water out of the food therefore preserving crops for longer. This was the original Freeze-Drying!

Dog with COYA pet food

We’ve taken the original Freeze-Drying concept and method, improved it with the use of modern technology and we’ve applied it to pet nutrition. Raw ingredients, with no cooking or heat application, simply freeze-dried to remove the water. The result? Raw pet food with no need for freezer space, defrosting or lengthy, messy preparation.

The word ‘perfected’ speaks to our history. We have years of experience in the pet food industry. We’ve learnt, we’ve grown and we’ve used this knowledge to create a gamechanging product, crafting what we know to be the best, highest-standard and most delicious meal or treat a pet can have. It’s pet food perfected.

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