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Does your dog show signs of one of the top 5 behavioural issues?

Working closely with animal behaviourists and vets, Agria Pet Insurance sees changes and trends in animal behaviour as they happen.

The top five dog behavioural issues currently seen in the UK’s dogs are:

  1. Aggressive behaviour towards other dogs
  2. Separation-related issues
  3. Aggressive behaviour towards unfamiliar people
  4. Fear based behaviours with no aggression
  5. Aggressive behaviour towards familiar people

Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Sophie White, says, “The sooner we intervene with these common issues, the better. But even if these problems have been going on for years, we can still help.

“The key thing is to understand why the dog feels the need to show the behaviour, what are the emotions and motivations? By understanding this, we can create a plan to modify and manage them, to change the behaviours being displayed.”

If your dog shows any of these symptoms, always seek veterinary advice to rule out any physical reason for the behaviour, and seek professional behavioural advice. For further information, Agria’s Behaviour Hub is full of tips and advice: agriapet.co.uk/behaviour

Lifetime pet insurance from Agria provides up to £12,500 cover each and every year, including cover for behavioural issues identified by a vet. Find out more about Agria Pet Insurance at agriapet.co.uk

*Ts and Cs apply, see agriapet.co.uk/dog-policy for full details.



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