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Dog arthritis aware

We often associate arthritis with older dogs, but did you know that it often starts when they are young pups?

It’s a common misconception that arthritis only affects senior dogs. In reality, 2 out of 5 dogs under the age of 4 suffer from this painful condition. Sadly, many young dogs remain undiagnosed and untreated, leaving them in pain.1

That’s because dogs are experts at hiding their pain, and it can be challenging to recognise the subtle early signs of arthritis. Some dogs may develop a limp when their joints hurt, while others may adjust their movements to minimise their pain so they can keep up with you on walks. They might hesitate before jumping onto furniture or into the car, or change the way they walk, run, sit, or stand to continue with their daily activities. Some may develop behaviour changes, becoming more grumpy, withdrawn, or reluctant to play.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you spot the early signs of arthritis and explain how early intervention can keep your dog happy and healthier for longer.

Arthritis doesn’t have to hold your dog back! With the right care, attention, and support, your beloved dog can lead an active and enjoyable life.

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