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Dog Bones: Nature’s Toothbrush?

Dog bones provide hours of fun, excitement and mental stimulation. The taste delicious and help to build strong neck and jaw muscles. They’re also great for teeth – bones are an effective tool for preventing gum disease and other oral health issues.

Dog bones clean teeth and freshen breath – naturally
Bones are dubbed ‘nature’s toothbrush’ for a reason: they’re the most effective and natural way to keep your dog’s oral health in strong condition. The biting and crunching of bone and cartilage scrapes off plaque and tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth, while cleaning and massaging gums in the process. While bones are great for everyday maintenance, it’s also important to visit your vet for regular check-ups.

Tips for feeding your dog bones
The golden rule when feeding your dog a bone is to supervise them at all times. Here are some other tips to remember:
dog bones

  • Every dog is different, consider their age, size and chewing behaviour before giving them a bone.
  • Small bones aren’t ideal for aggressive chewers as they could be swallowed whole or cause choking.
  • Avoid giving your dog a bone when they’re really hungry, as they will be more likely to swallow large pieces which can lead to digestive issues.

Try ZIWI® Peak air-dried Venison Shank Bone – full of nutrients and marrow and wrapped in beef oesophagus, which dogs love! It’s softer than many other bones and contains cartilage, which helps to clean your dog’s teeth while offering hours of gnawing pleasure. Pick one up for your dog today – they’ll love you for it!

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