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Doggy Dental Sticks – Healthy Mouths

Tackling an unseen health crisis – in our Dogs pearly whites!

Did you know that shockingly over 80% of dogs have active dental disease?* Yet few dogs show obvious signs of disease, so owners are often oblivious to the problem. Maintaining dental health is crucially important for preventing dental disease and other illnesses. But, when it comes to our pooch’s daily dental health the reality of getting a brush in their mouths and the inevitable rough and tumble that ensues doesn’t support building an easy daily habit. Understanding this, and that poor dental hygiene can have a huge long-term impact on a dog’s health, Edgard & Cooper have developed a tasty solution to help combat poor dental hygiene, whilst remaining low in excess calories.

doggy dental sticks 4It all starts with plaque. After eating, plaque begins to form on your dog’s teeth. The bacteria produces acids that attack tooth enamel and can damage your dog’s gums. Over time, plaque hardens – at which point it mineralises and changes into tartar. However, when your dog chews a dental stick, it activates saliva in their mouth which mops up harmful bacteria – stopping plaque from becoming tartar. Plaque can be stubborn, so a dental stick with staying-power is more effective. Most dental sticks are just a ten-second treat whereas Edgard & Cooper’s Doggy Dental are air-dried hard to give a longer chew. More chewing equals healthier mouths.

doggy dental sticks 1The natural enzymes from extended chewing not only result in cleaner teeth but a better chance of fresher doggy breath. Recognizing that dogs aren’t famous for their fresh breath, Edgard & Cooper’s Dental sticks use the natural power of mint and eucalyptus oil to keep bad smells at bay. Available in two delicious flavours: Crisp Apple & Eucalyptus oil and Cool Mint oil & Strawberry, both recipes are grain- free, plant-based and low in calories. They also have the exact same effect so it’s just a matter of what your dog prefers (or what smell you want around the house!).

Also built with refreshing & planet-friendly, plant-based ingredients, their doggy dental sticks are naturally healthy whilst remaining kind to the planet. (They also use 100% biodegradable materials to make the packaging for Doggy Dental and the rest of their food too!)

doggy dental sticks 2 doggy dental sticks 2

Produced in 3 different sizes and with a unique tube-shaped design, Doggy Dental sticks give a more tailored, effective clean with naturally fewer calories (so every dog can finally make it a daily habit!). Just like humans, maintenance is key for achieving a healthy mouth. Using one delicious dental stick a day will start their day right. A simple daily habit that’ll keep both you and your pooch full of smiles for life.

You can find Edgard & Cooper online on their website as well as in many independent and specialist pet food chains across the UK such as Pets at Home, Pets Corner and Fetch . They are also available in Sainsbury’s as well as other online supermarkets such as Waitrose Pet, Ocado and Abel & Cole.

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