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DoggyRade Prebiotic Drinks Ensure Optimum Hydration for Your Pets

As the days are getting warmer, we’re all looking for ways to keep ourselves and our pets cool and hydrated.

It only takes a few degrees increase in body temperature to potentially be hazardous for cat and dog health, meaning our pets can overheat and get dehydrated very easily. When your pet starts to show symptoms of dehydration, it is important to act fast. The DoggyRade range is a selection of prebiotic drinks, packed with prebiotics, amino acids and electrolytes. These drinks come in an isotonic format and contain small amounts of sugar and salts that allow the functional ingredients to be absorbed quickly into your pet’s bloodstream.

DoggyRade is a prebiotic drink for dogs, containing natural prebiotics, amino acids and electrolytes. Prebiotics support the good bacteria in the gut as well as overall intestinal function. The combination of electrolytes and amino acids help boost fast hydration, especially for active dogs during the warmer weather. Your dog’s body will naturally lose water all day, as they sweat through their paws and when they pant. It is important to replace those lost electrolytes also. According to a survey, 78% of owners thought that DoggyRade improved their dog’s water intake. In taste test trials, dogs drank four times more DoggyRade than water.

KittyRade is an award-winning, prebiotic drink that encourages reliable hydration in cats. Cats are prone to kidney issues due to poor fluid intake. KittyRade is formulated with a delicious chicken taste cats love, it increases fluid consumption and helps cats to rehydrate effectively. KittyRade also contains prebiotics, taurine and glutamic acid. Owners know that cats are fussy drinkers. Our palatability trials showed that cats drink NINE times more KittyRade than water!

For more information and to see our full range of products, visit www.doggyrade.com or email us at info@doggyrade.com.



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