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Dogwood Grooming: Perfectly Groomed Pets

Dogwood Pet Spa was first opened in January 2017 in Pets Corner, Camberley and has continued to grow from strength to strength.

Our incredible success has now led to the opening of an additional five spas, located at Ferndown, Thatcham, Romsey, Brighton and Wells – with a further four planned to be opened before the end of the year in Fleet, Cobham, Chipping Norton, and a second Brighton branch. Our success is driven by customers’ demand for an elite, professional, high class grooming service which they can trust and rely on, coupled with the use of totally natural products from the very own Dogwood range. Customers will be pleased to know the Dogwood natural Shampoos and Sprays can also be purchased separately from the spas or Pets Corner stores.

The spas are luxuriously finished with solid oak furniture and contain top of the range equipment and accessories necessary to pamper your pet to the highest standard. Ceiling to floor windows in the grooming area means that the stylists can be watched by the public as they work. The dogs awaiting collection can also watch the stylists from the little houses under the counter, with bone shaped mesh doors and clean vet bed to snuggle down on for a little snooze if they prefer.

The tranquillity of Dogwood has provided the solution for many owners with very nervous dogs, who can become stressed or sometimes aggressive throughout the grooming process, and many dogs that were once unable to be groomed for whatever reason are now regular Dogwood visitors. The fresh, bright environment is also the perfect place for first time puppies, as this can naturally be a big ordeal for them, but they soon settle down in the relaxed atmosphere. The Dogwood staff are all extremely passionate about their work.

Headed up by the Director of Pet Grooming Julie Finlay, with over 20 years in the grooming industry, the ever growing team are always on hand to give advice on coat care and maintenance, and they all take great pride in what they do. Many of the team regularly attend grooming competitions, and seminars, in their free time to continually broaden their knowledge and skills. They provide a very friendly service, and will take time to get to know your pet’s lifestyle, likes and dislikes, plus any medical history, during the initial consultation in order to recommend the right package and style to suit both you and your pet. Dogwood Pet Spa has a range of grooming packages to suit all breeds of dogs.

Puppy Pamper Package

Dogwood grooming seflieFor puppies up to six months old. Grooming plays a major part of your dog’s wellbeing, and the spa teams recommend that you introduce the spa experience at an early age. Their tailored package includes a gentle wash in the Dogwood natural puppy shampoo, which contains organic lavender oil to help remove puppy odours, followed by a warm fluff dry and brush out. Hygiene areas, ear cleaning and nails are all attended to, followed by a feet and facial trim, if required. All topped off with the Dogwood signature Puppy spray. Before long, your puppy will soon begin to accept the whole grooming process, and won’t be afraid of hair dryers, clippers and scissors when they get older.

Shortie Package

A spa experience tailored for short haired dogs. Anything from a short haired Chihuahua to a Great Dane can enjoy two washes in one of the Dogwood natural shampoos, specifically chosen to compliment your dog’s skin and coat. For the ultimate spa experience, the teams recommend adding a Dogwood Conditioning Treatment for an extra £5, which will nourish the skin after the dead coat is groomed out. Following the blow dry, the ears are cleaned and toe nails clipped. The Blueberry Facial is also a favourite extra spa treat of owners with wrinkly faced dogs such as pugs and bulldogs, to clean out the facial folds and reduce the appearance of tear staining.

Mini Makeover Package

Designed to maintain your dog’s stylish appearance in between full grooms and includes two washes in one of the Dogwood natural shampoos, specifically chosen to compliment your dog’s skin and coat. Followed by a fluff dry and brush out, with hygiene areas, ears and nails attended to. The face and feet are then tidied, and the groom finished off with a Dogwood natural spray of your choice.

Dogwood grooming beforeDapper Dog Package

A nose to tail styling session and includes two washes in one of the Dogwood natural shampoos, chosen to compliment your dog’s skin and coat. Followed by a fluff dry and brush out, with hygiene areas, ears and nails attended to, the coat is prepared to perfection, and your dog will then be fully styled to your chosen requirements. This can be to breed standard, or you may opt for an alternative trim. The spa team will be happy to advise which style will best suit your dog’s appearance and lifestyle. Most owners alternate their regular appointments between the Dapper Dog and the Mini Makeover, and have their pets looking their best at all times.

Dogwood grooming afterHand Stripping Service

Available on wire and silky coated dogs. This specialist service helps to maintain your dog’s correct coat texture and colour. The spa teams will be happy to discuss the suitability of your dog’s coat for this type of groom, and will tailor a grooming schedule to suit your dog’s needs. As with all our other packages, included is a bath and blow dry, with hygiene areas, ears and nails attended to.

The Dogwood Spas also offer walk in grooming services. You can opt for a simple nail clip whilst you wait and even add on a paw balm, the perfect nourishment for dry and cracked pads. The dry face trim includes eye cleaning and brush out of the face, followed by a light trim. Ear care is also available, and any of the above can be mixed and matched without the need for an appointment.

Expert cat grooming is also available at all the Dogwood spas, and as an added benefit to your feline friend, the specially trained teams will regularly create a complete ‘dog-free zone’ to accommodate them for their spa sessions. Clients can book an appointment for a simple brush out, a bath and brush, or clip, or a combination of all three. Long haired breeds require regular grooming at home to prevent any matting to the coat, and it’s advisable to commence brushing and combing routine with your kitten from an early age, as any matted areas will cause discomfort to your cat. We all look forward to welcoming you at one of our Dogwood Spas very soon.

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