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Earth Animal No-Hide Chews

Long-lasting, chewable bliss for our four-legged friends

Earth Animal has been dedicated to caring for animals, people and the Earth since it was founded by Dr Bob Goldstein and his wife, Susan, in 1979. Years later and Earth Animal is one of the most sustainable pet companies in the U.S. Not only that, but its best-selling range of natural, healthy and digestible No-Hide® Chews have got a big paws up from pups across the globe — including here in the UK, where the brand recently launched.

The story of Earth Animal
Earth Animal is built on a promise — a promise to dedicate 1% of our annual net sales to like-minded organisations, industry stewardship, and mission-driven efforts that preserve and enhance the quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth.

Earth AnimalEarth Animal’s purpose is simple: make the highest-quality pet products, always consider the environmental impact, and do it all with energy and love. The company is committed to being the most earnest, mindful, and trusted company in the industry by exploring another way — a more humane, natural, and effective way to change things for the better, one Earth Animal at a time.

Dr. Bob & Susan Goldstein — pioneers in the field of holistic and integrative veterinary medicine — have always been driven to enhance the lives of dogs and cats. They believe that every day should be filled with wholesome goodness and a whole lot of fun.

Earth Animal’s No-Hide® Chews
Made with real, simple ingredients, No-Hide® chews are delicious and digestible treats that keep dogs (and cats) blissfully content. Not only are they easy on the tummy, but they come with a host of benefits, including:

  • Maintaining dental health (chewing massages the gums and helps to clean teeth)
  • Helping dogs cope with boredom
  • Providing significant physiological satisfaction and support
  • Providing good, plain fun

Veterinarian-innovated and formulated, No-Hides provide long-lasting enjoyment without harmful ingredients. Compassionately sourced and consciously crafted, this is the chew that you can feel good about.

You won’t find any bleach, synthetics, or preservatives in these scrumptious sticks of goodness. Each No-Hide® is mixed, rolled, and baked by our team using six clean ingredients — brown rice flour, agar-agar, eggs, olive oil, banana, and pineapple — plus one sustainably sourced protein.

The current range includes chicken, beef, salmon, peanut butter, and the latest addition, venison.
Earth Animal choose the right chew

Know your ‘Chew IQ’
Choose the right chewIt’s always important to ensure your dog chews responsibly and has a chew that is appropriately sized for their mouth and weight (not too big, not too small). Not sure what that means for your pet? Find their Chew IQ using our helpful chart:

  • Small dog/cats up to 7kg — No-Hide® STIX
  • Medium Dogs (8-20kg) — Small No-Hide® Chew
  • Large Dogs (21-34kg) — Medium No-Hide® Chew
  • Giant Dogs (35kg+) — Large No-Hide® Chew
  • If in doubt, please size up. Puppies get their ‘license to chew’ at 6 months old.

Your pet’s safety is what’s most important, so Chews Wisely! And please remember to always supervise them while they are chomping away.


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