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Easy Home Grooming Tips for a Healthy and Happy Pet

Over the lockdown, many pet owners took the leap to groom their pets from home. However, some are still apprehensive that their pet-grooming skills may not be up to scratch. At Wahl, we are here to debunk your concerns by turning that leap into your first step towards easy pet grooming from home.

Wahl deliver high-performance animal care products to professional animal groomers and pet owners. We have every product you will need for each step of the grooming process, from dog clippers to dog colognes! Wahl offers an unrivalled product selection that ensures you can find the right grooming product for your pet’s needs.

Detangle & De-shed

Detangle & De-shed - Wahl Grooming ToolsYou can make life easier for you and your pet by regularly brushing them. This will make your pet more comfortable and will make clipping and washing them easier for you!

Regular brushing removes dirt and shed, while spreading natural oils throughout the coat. It will also help to remove tangles and knots for a healthier coat. The ergonomic design of Wahl dog brushes with a squishy handle means quick, easy, and comfortable brushing for all coat types, and they are easy to clean too!

Wahl Top Tip: How often your pet requires brushing will depend on their coat type and lifestyle, but we recommend at least 2 – 3 times a week to keep their coat healthy.

Cleanse & Condition

Cleanse & Condition - Wahl ShampooKeep your dog’s coat looking and smelling amazing by gently cleaning away dirt for a shiny coat. Wahl’s gentle shampoo formula offers great value, and we have a variety of shampoos which are suitable for all coat types. Also, Wahl’s Easy Groom Conditioner is designed to detangle and leave the coat smooth and silky making it an excellent addition to your grooming regimen.

Wahl Top Tip: Brush out any matts or loose dirt before shampooing to avoid further embedding them in the coat.

Trim & Tidy

Trim & Tidy 1 - Wahl Pet ClipperKeep your dog’s coat clean and comfortable by clipping them at home. How often your pet needs their coat clipped depends on the breed. For some breeds clipping is required every 4 – 8 weeks. This will help keep their coat clean and healthy. You should always bath and brush your dog before clipping; this will aide in your pet having a stress and tangle-free clip. Clippers are great for body grooming and best used with attachment guide combs to leave your pet’s coat at optimal length. Dog grooming clippers are your main pet grooming tool. It’s important to get clippers that you can trust to get the complete the job, be reliable and last a long time.

Trim & Tidy 2 - Wahl Pet TrimmerWe also recommend trying one of our trimmers for trimming around faces, paws, ears, and other sensitive areas. Animal trimmers are ideal for use on areas where it’s hard to reach with the larger clipper blade because trimmers cut much closer.

Wahl pet-grooming tools, are designed to work for both the owner and the pet, making them safe to use even by novice groomers and on naughty dogs! So, whilst it may be slightly scary to pick up your first pair of clippers, you can be sure that with Wahl you’ll do an excellent job!

For further guidance on how to best take care of your pet’s coat please visit our website where we have a content hub filled with pet clipping articles such as “How to choose the right pet clipper” and “Best tools for Pet Shedding” to answer all your pet grooming questions!

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