e-NewsletterEasy Home-Grooming Tips for a Healthy, Happy pet!

Easy Home-Grooming Tips for a Healthy, Happy pet!

You can save time and money by maintaining your pet’s coat at home, and you can be sure that with WAHL you’ll do an excellent job!

Regular brushing will make your pet more comfortable and will make clipping and washing them easier for you!

Keep your dog’s coat looking and smelling amazing by using Wahl’s variety of gentle formula shampoos which are suitable for all coat types. Also, Wahl’s Easy Groom Conditioner is designed to detangle and leave the coat smooth and silky.

You should always bath and brush your dog before clipping; this will aide in your pet having a stress and tangle-free clip. Dog grooming clippers are your main pet grooming tool so it’s important to get clippers that you can trust to complete the job, be reliable and last a long time.

We also recommend trying one of our trimmers for trimming around faces, paws, ears, and other sensitive areas. With Wahl you can find the right grooming product for your pet’s needs for each step of the grooming process, from dog clippers to dog colognes!

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