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Essential Foods: Raising The Bar For Dog Food

Essential Foods was founded with one mission: To improve and prolong the lives of dogs. Doing that takes nutritious and fresh ingredients and Essential Foods has gone even further and developed the Behavioural Optimising Foods (BOF) principle which ensures that the Essential meals keep blood sugar levels stable.

Just as it is the case for humans, dogs can experience mental and physical fluctuations when blood sugar levels go too much up and down throughout the day. All Essential Foods meals are made to avoid just that and instead raise the bar for what we should expect from the dog food that we serve.

As Natasha Bujnoch, Country Manager for UK, puts it: “We all know that there is a direct link between human diet and health and we have to acknowledge that it is the same for dogs and act accordingly.”

Proudly Prepared And Made In The UK

All the Essential meals are proudly prepared and made in the UK with a minimum of 90% UK sourced ingredients. Natasha Bujnoch stresses that this is a deciding factor to ensure the top of the line quality that Essential Foods is known for.

“Our foods are loved by more than 200,000 dogs worldwide and we rank at the very top on and that really says it all”
– Natasha Bujnoch.

Currently 95% of Essential Foods’ UK prepared foods are exported and so the company finds that now is the perfect time to broaden its national presence to the benefit of dogs & cats of the UK.

Complete meals for all dogs

Essential Foods serve only complete meals which means that the meals contain all the nutrients that a dog needs for a healthy and balanced body and mind.

The meals consist of a broad range of natural ingredients like free run ducks from Gressingham, high quality Ross & Cobb Chicken from the UK, Scottish Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow Trout from Avon in England, Fresh Whole Eggs and Probiotics which are known to have a positive effect on the gut. On top of that the meals consist of linseeds, apples, ginger, potatoes and much more.

Moreover, Essential Foods have tailored its range of foods so that it can help dogs of all ages. There is the specially formulated puppy meals, the BEGINNING and the BEGINNING LARGE BREEDS, and a range of adult meals with different main ingredients ranging from Scottish Atlantic Salmon, Ross & Cobb Chicken, Aberdeen Angus Beef, British Lamb and Red & Fallow Venison and for the later years, there is the OLDER meal specifically tailored for the needs of dogs that has reached 2/3 of their expected life span.

A happy dog or your money back

Essential Foods is convinced that you and your dog will be more than happy. If not, however, simply pack the products you wish to return in a cardboard box and contact customer service by email or phone – they will take care of the rest. Essential Foods does not compromise on either the quality of its products nor on its service.

You can reach Natasha, Country Manager for the UK, on 075 0000 6358, or visit the online shop:

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