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Welcome to Knightpics Photography. I’m Chris Knight, an award-winning photographer with a deep passion for capturing the true essence and personality of the animals I work with.

I create captivating images that cater to your unique needs and desires, whether it’s within the cozy confines of a studio or the vast beauty of the great outdoors. From exquisite fine art pieces adorning your walls to customized images for commercial projects, each creation is a unique masterpiece tailored exclusively for you.
Nic Bisseker Photography winner
My journey is driven by more than just photography; it’s about celebrating the extraordinary bond between pets and their humans.

Through my exceptional pet photography services, I craft a legacy of cherished memories that encapsulate the sheer beauty of life with animals. These images evoke feelings of joy, love, and an unbreakable connection, serving as a reminder of the incredible relationships we share with our furry companions.
Nic Bisseker Photography winner
My lifelong passion for working with animals has led me on incredible adventures, from capturing the spirit of dogs and the grace of horses to immersing myself in the majestic world of sharks and crocodiles beneath the water’s surface.
Nic Bisseker Photography winner
At Knightpics Photography, I am committed to sound animal welfare, ensuring the happiness and safety of both my human and creature clients at all times.
Nic Bisseker Photography winner
Join me in preserving the beauty of your pet’s personality or elevating your commercial project to new heights. Together, we’ll create stunning images that tell stories, spark emotions, and become cherished memories.
Nic Bisseker Photography winner
Please feel free to reach out anytime for a no-obligation conversation to discuss your vision for your photoshoot. I really look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to collaborate with you to capture your special moments.

Nic Bisseker Photography winner

For further information please visit
Instagram: @nicbissekerphotography
Tel: 07879 840 171



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