DOGSImago Portraits - Front Cover Photographer

Imago Portraits – Front Cover Photographer

At Imago Portraits, we would like to go beyond just taking pretty pictures. We want to capture the personality of your loyal fur-friends and what makes them special to you, whatever that may be.

We understand that your dogs are more than “just a pet”. They are part of the family….or they are your family. Your best childhood memories may have started with that furry buddy that watched over you of whom you followed everywhere,you felt comfortable to fall asleep in their beds. Even though sometimes the trips to the vet are more frequent, the walks become slower, and you might have to help them up the stairs or onto a chair, you love them more than ever.

Imago Portraits

You could not imagine that he/she is excited to see you coming home from work, you still get that warm puppy welcome that makes everything worthwhile. We go beyond the obvious, we create those special moments that are unique to you and your fur-family member.

Imago Portraits

A look they give you, from the corner of their eye in case you make a move towards the fridge, different woofs for different things they demand, to tell you what they want.Their chins resting on the floor, eyes sad when you leave home.

Imago Portraits

The crazy runs in the snow, reaching gentle paws to say I am here, loving licks on your face, the stares that make you give in, the legs stretching before walks, getting the best seats in your house…

It is because he/she is not just a dog, but Your Dog.

Imago Portraits

Furdography at imago Portraits, Barnet London

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