RabbitFood & HayFun and Forage - Just What your Rabbit Needs

Fun and Forage – Just What your Rabbit Needs

Tucked away on the edge of a rural farm, nestled between fields far and wide, lies bunny hay HQ for The Hay Experts, where healthy and natural small animal supplies are dispatched to owners all over the UK, Europe and beyond.

Dedicated to providing only the very best produce and forage for your rabbit, guinea pigs, chinchillas, small furries and their owners, The Hay Experts boasts an impressive range of produce for all occasions. And with their strong company ethics ensuring only healthy and appropriate produce is stocked, you can be sure anything you buy there is of the highest quality, safe and suitable for your little ones.

At the heart of the range is The Hay Experts’ own brand of natural forage produce, with yummy goodies that rabbits, guinea pigs and others just adore. Feeding natural forage daily helps to maintain a high fibre, healthy diet as well as promoting interest and emotional enrichment.

rabbit forage foodProducts include the popular Dandelion and Plantain, of course, but the range covers everything from leaves and flowers to gnaws and roots – and with 42 products currently in The Hay Experts’ range (and it’s still expanding) there’s forage produce there to suit every bun, for sure!

Wild rabbits spend around 80% of their waking hours foraging plants, flowers, barks, twigs and roots. Domestic rabbits can benefit emotionally and physically from this natural behaviour too – it keeps them interested and active; after all, to forage is just what a rabbit is designed to do!

And they benefit enormously from being encouraged to eat a natural, healthy diet; it is paramount for their health and wellbeing.

rabbit forage fluffy furDental and digestive health is similarly catered for by The Hay Experts with an impressive range of hays available – including 9 different types of timothy hay! There’s soft or coarse hays, hays with fun bits added, compressed hays, hay cookies, long stranded hays, oat hays, mountain hays and finest quality hays …. to name just a few.

Who said hay is ‘just hay’!?! Talk to The Hay Experts!

Speaking of hay….Most owners know hay is important, but it can sometimes be forgotten why. Like sheep and horses, rabbits have constantly growing teeth (around 1-3mm per week – yes, week!). Keeping this growth controlled is vital; even missing hay for a few days can mean teeth could begin to over-grow. Extended overgrowth causes painful mouth ulcers and can prevent eating, causing life-threatening complications as a result. Hay is naturally abrasive, wearing the teeth down as the animal chews it.

Good hay really is vital!

rabbit forageThe Hay Experts understand the importance of hay – and the importance of feeding a balanced, species-appropriate diet. They also understand how difficult it can be to encourage a reluctant rabbit to eat hay. Just like wilful children, rabbits can be stubborn when it comes to food and a healthy diet, often choosing what’s fun rather than what’s good.

With a wealth of experience and a qualified Animal Medicines Advisor on hand, The Hay Experts offer practical advice and information on all aspects of rabbit care – if you’ve got a burning bunny question, do get in touch!

For further details visit TheHayExperts.co.uk or call them on 01189 099 066 – your little ones will thank you!



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