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How to Choose the Right Harness for the Right Activity?

Dog harnesses are usually used for daily walks, but many use them during excursions too. Just like we need the right shoes for a walk in the forest, we need to choose the right harness for our dogs.

Dog harnesses were designed to replace collars. Initially, their main role was to utilise the dog’s pulling power more effectively, but now many people prefer harnesses to collars. Harnesses help with restraining the dog, while sparing the neck and ensuring free breathing. In particular, wearing a harness is recommended for small dogs, puppies and older dogs, unless wearing it is not possible for some reason.

dog harnessEvery day. Everywhere. Together…
Before buying a dog harness, it’s worth considering whether you are looking for equipment for short walks or long excursions. In a city, a chest harness would be the best choice for daily walks. By pulling it over the dog’s head, you can put it on your pet in one go. This will help you kickstart the morning with your dog excited to set off. With proper leash use and correct harness adjustment, this type of harness is most practical if you want to keep your dog close to you, or if you may need to stop him quickly.

Julius-K9®’s IDC®Powerharness, built on the GreenZone design principle, is one of the most popular dog harnesses. It doesn’t strain the dog’s neck and allows free movement of the front legs. The direction of the chest strap is the same as the direction of the leash, so the force distribution is focused on the sternum. The extra strong handle on the back is useful when getting around the city. Adapting to the urban environment, the IDC®Powerharness also functions as a visibility vest.

Sometimes we just walk the Earth…
Apart from daily walks every dog is excited to escape the city, and head out into nature. In this case, not only should you wear shoes designed for excursions for comfort, but you should also give your dog the same opportunity. It is in this spirit that the IDC®Longwalk dog harness was designed, making it an excellent piece of equipment for longer trips.

The special feature of this Y-harness is that three of its points are active and elastic, therefore it responds to every movement. This is the DuoFlex® system to which the leash is attached, allowing you both to only feel a slight tug when the leash is tense. The handle is curved backwards on the back of the harness and provides a secure grip. Your dog is protected by reflective elements, as visibility is also important outside the city.

In addition to exceptional quality, durability and reliability, another globally successful innovation from Julius-K9® is the interchangeable custom patches on harnesses. With the hook and loop fastened patches, you can make your pet’s harness unique or updated in one go. In addition to funny captions, a phone number or “Do not pet” caption can be useful.

k9 dog harnessWhat else to look out for when buying a harness
Choosing the right size is paramount for dog harnesses, since a too small harness can be uncomfortable. Dogs can wriggle out of an oversized or misaligned harness, whether it’s a chest harness or a Y-harness. Therefore, always measure your pet’s neck, chest, and weight before choosing a size, even if you had a harness before. There may be differences in sizing due to the different construction of the harnesses. When choosing a size remember that your dog changes and grows. Used harnesses should therefore be readjusted over time.

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