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Is your cat licking itself bald? Is your puppy suffering from separation anxiety or ripping the sofa apart? Whatever pet care you need, Joii is here to help.

The Joii app is like having your own personal vet in your pocket, available whenever and wherever you are. Access remote care for your four-legged friend with vet consultations for £24 with qualified UK-trained vets. And there’s no need to book in advance!

Or use the pet symptom checker, designed by vets for pet parents. With an astounding 80% of pet owners Googling their pet’s symptoms, there’s a lot of conflicting advice available on the net that can be potentially harmful. The symptom checker helps pet parents decide what to do when there is a problem – think NHS111 for pets.

Or join a clinic with a nurse for preventative advice, including dental care, puppy training, and diet checks, there to help your pet live a happy and healthy life.

Over 150,000 pets are already registered. Sign your pet up for free today and get 50% off your first call with code: HEALTHYPET50

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