Yarrah organic pet food

Discover Yarrah, an organic pet food brand helping to offer the best for your animal and for the planet.

It all started back in 1992, when the owner of a Bernese mountain dog, couldn’t find the quality of pet food that he believed his pet deserved. As an organic consumer himself already, he wanted to offer the same to his dog in terms of healthy, organic food without chemical colouring, aromas and flavourings. That is when he began producing his own organic pet food.

organic pet foodAnd that is how Yarrah was born; today, it is the leading organic dog and cat food brand, with its products available in more than 22 countries worldwide and a fully organic product range that consists of kibble, wet food and snacks for dogs and cats, as well as organic cat litter.

But it’s not simply about making organic pet food that is important to Yarrah – the real focus is on its products having a positive impact on pets and the planet, and on working with likeminded producers.

Care for health

nutrients your pet needsIn the same manner as humans, good food has a positive impact on a dog or cat. When they are fed well, with quality food, you will notice a healthier coat, better digestion and improved energy balance. Reduced itching and allergy symptoms are often also reported after making the switch to Yarrah. Yarrah offers vegetarian and vegan food for dogs, which contains all nutrients your pet needs and offers the perfect protein and fat balance. Furthermore, the products are made without artificial aromas, colourants and flavours.

Care for the planet

Yarrah dog and cat food Yarrah makes tasty pet food of the very best quality without causing an unnecessary environmental impact, and says it is involved in the world around us. It is for this reason the company is organic certified, as well as being a certified B Corp business, because, it says, it feels responsible for the wellbeing of humans, animals and nature alike.

Yarrah wants to make the right choices without compromise, even if that is not always the easiest way. Anything to make a change for the better, for your pet, for you and the planet.

Yarrah is organic, which means products are free of chemical colouring, aromas, flavouring, pesticides and GMOs. It doesn’t add preservatives, refined sugars or other substances that don’t belong in pet food.

Yarrah also analyses raw materials before processing them. In addition, it visits its suppliers personally to verify that the animals have a better life and the raw materials are truly organic. Unless Yarrah is completely assured of the quality, it won’t process it in its food.

Its various certifications demonstrate that Yarrah meets the most stringent requirements for organic products, animal wellbeing, social and environmental performance and food safety:

Article written by Rachel Symonds from Organic and Natural Business Magazine

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