DOGSDog HealthcareHelp keep your dog active this Winter

Help keep your dog active this Winter

If your beloved pooch starts to show signs of stiffness, it’s natural to worry.

After all, your pets is one of the family, and you want to be able to keep doing all the things you love doing together.

The good news is, there’s lots you can do to support your dog’s joint health – so spotting signs of stiffness doesn’t have to mean an end to your adventures.

Giving them a high-quality joint supplement like YuMOVE PLUS Max Strength is a great place to start.

YuMOVE PLUS Max Strength is a brand new stronger joint supplement for dogs with stiffer joints who may need extra support.

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How does YuMOVE PLUS Max Strength work?
YuMOVE PLUS Max Strength is packed with higher-levels of joint-soothing ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid – which helps to lubricate and cushion joints – and Vitamin E which, together with Vitamin C, neutralises free radicals helping to maintain joint mobility.

But that’s not all. PLUS Max Strength contains YuMOVE’s new, unique ActivEase® Complex which, together with added fish oil, provides a special blend of Omega-3s to deliver 50% more power* than standard YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS.

Clinically proven to work in just 6 weeks,1 PLUS Max Strength helps stiffer dogs in three ways – helping to soothe stiff joints, aid mobility and support joint structure.

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Five signs your dog may need extra joint support:

1. They’re less keen to walk, jump and play
Dogs usually love to move and play but, if they’re experiencing stiff joints, they might avoid their favourite games.

2. You’ve noticed they sleep more
Just like people, older dogs do tend to sleep more, but this can also be a sign of joint stiffness.

3. They struggle to get up after resting
If your dog is sometimes slow to get up after sleeping or seems to have difficulty getting to their feet, it could indicate stiff joints.

4. Their current joint supplement isn’t as effective any more
As your dog ages, their needs change too. You might notice they need extra support if they’ve been on the same supplement for a while.

5. There’s changes to their grooming routine
Stiff joints can make it difficult for dogs to groom themsleves in those hard-to-reach places.

When to seek help

It’s important to pay attention to any changes in your dog’s behavior or physical condition and you should talk to your vet if you have any concerns. With the right care and attention, you can help your furry friends to stay active so you can enjoy even more special times together.

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YuMOVE Joint Care is the UK’s no.1 vet-recommended joint supplement brand,2 already supporting over 2 million dogs a year.3

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*In vitro analysis shows YuMOVE PLUS Max Strength has over 50% more activity than YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS for Dogs. Data on file. 1Canine study conducted by the Royal Veterinary College. 2Lintbells Veterinary Tracker by CM Research November 2021. 3 YuMOVE brand tracking study 2022.



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