DOGSDog Food & TreatsHelping To Maintain Neutered Dogs At A Healthy Weight

Helping To Maintain Neutered Dogs At A Healthy Weight

A healthy weight for a neutered dog means better quality of life and reduced risk of serious conditions associated with obesity.

Whether a dog has recently lost weight, gained weight, it’s important for pet owners to feel confident that they’re doing the right things to keep their neutered dog’s weight healthy and stable.

It can be difficult for owners to resist their dog if they beg or whine, and many owners find themselves using treats as a way to manage behaviour. However, if they want to make sure their dog stays healthy, it’s crucial to maintain good practices in the home – and to encourage all other members of their family to do the same.

Luckily there is dog food specifically designed for neutered dogs.

ROYAL CANIN® Sterilised

Suitable for adult dogs to help maintain an ideal weight.

neutered dog healthKey feature:

  • Maintains ideal weight


Maintaining an ideal body condition (4 or 5/9 on a body condition score chart) contributes to good health, more vitality and better all-round quality of life. But after neutering, owners may notice a change in their dog with an increased appetite and reduced energy needs, placing a dog at risk of weight gain.

ROYAL CANIN® Sterilised Mini’s complete and tailored nutrition helps neutered dogs to maintain an ideal bodyweight and condition by providing a balanced formula of protein and fat to help limit calorie intake.

An optimal combination of fibre along with a specially formulated low density kibble, helps a dog to feel full and helps to limit begging behaviours.

ROYAL CANIN® Sterilised is available as dry kibble and loaf in pouch formats.  Providing complete and balanced nutrition when fed individually or in combination.

Pet Owners should follow the feeding guidelines based on their dog’s ideal adult bodyweight; mixed feeding and individual guides available.

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