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Hofseth BioCare – The Brilliant Dog Sled Racer

Pete Jahnsen has won the Gausdal Marathon several times, in addition to winning the prestigious Finnmarksløpet and Femundløpet – and has competed in dog sledding since the mid-90s. He is one of few athletes who has been at the top for over three decades.

Pete has been an ambassador for Brilliant Salmon Oil for three years and we had a chat with him, to get to know him a little bit better and for a second, travel into an adventurers mindset.

Nature called early

Pete JahnsenIt may be natural to think that the veteran in long-distance dog sledding comes from a family that spends all its time outside, but that is far from the truth. – I grew up in Oslo and my family had neither a particularly close relationship with animals nor nature. Fortunately, I got a lot of trust from my parents to do what I wanted. From the age of 10, I spent most of my days in the woods or out fishing, which led to increasingly longer trips, sometimes for several weeks at a time.

Pete eventually moved out of the city, and spent no less than 10 years alone in the forest outside Oslo. – I had a great time there and it was here I laid the foundation for dog sledding, says Pete. It was the longing for the mountains that mainly made Pete move from the forests.

Pete and his Dogs

– I wanted dogs that were strong enough to carry, pull, etc., so I got two Rottweilers at first. They did the job well, but I quickly realized that they were a little too slow and couldn’t withstand tough weather conditions. Since then Alaskan Huskies have been a part of my life, says Pete.

There are currently 30 Alaskan Huskies at Pete’s home in the Norwegian mountains. – I think I have as much contact with my dogs as anyone who keeps them in their living room. Good communication is a key asset and what is special is that everyone was born and raised in this kennel. This means that they know each other well, are very close-knit and behave more like a herd than like a pack of dogs, says Pete. – They have their place next to someone they like and we focus highly on hygiene, follow-up with vaccines and other needs. They all have dry, insulated dog houses and lots of space to run around, and they only get the best food.

Sledge Dogs In The Mountains

Alaskan Huskies loves Brilliant

– My dogs love Brilliant, I have tasted it myself – it is super fresh! They get Brilliant several times a day, both as a supplement, and also as a pure energy source. In the summer and during races, I fill 20 liter buckets with water and add Brilliant. They love it! The dogs burn upto 12,000 calories a day during races and this means that they need a lot of nutrition. Of other benefits, Pete notices that their paws are much better. – They do not have dry, cracked paws and their coat is soft. In addition, it is great that Brilliant has an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to reduce inflammation in joints and muscles.


The way Brilliant produces the oil fits Pete’s philosophy perfectly. – I am a big supporter of Brilliant utilizing the whole fish, and gently and sustainably producing Brilliant from the residual from the salmon, he says.

Dream race

Dream Dog race

The goal he is working towards is to participate in the Iditarod race in Alaska, known as the toughest dog sled race in the world. – It’s a dream I have, but it’s a costly affair, says Pete. If I manage to get enough sponsorship funds, I will be ready in 2023, says Pete.
Pete is pleased that it now seems as the Covid-19 situation is slowly getting better. – If we get a normal year in 2022, the first race will be the Gausdal Marathon in January, says Pete.

We are proud to have such a dedicated ambassador with us. The Brilliant team is looking forward to all upcoming races – we’ll be cheering for you!

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