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How a Cat Decides if Wet Food is Good

Did you know that cats rely heavily on their sense of smell and on “mouth-feel” – the ease with which they are able to pick up the food and the way it feels in their mouths to judge they food they have. This is the key to finding your cat’s favorite wet food texture.

How Cats Develop Food Likes and Dislikes

A cat’s food preferences are heavily influenced by the types of food it was exposed to as kitten and by the eating experiences during kitten hood. For example, kittens born on the streets and having to fight for a meal, along with what they actually got to eat, will have very different food-related memories compared to kittens raised in a secure home environment.

Consequently, it’s a good idea to expose cats to both dry food and to the variety of different textures available in wet foods from an early age. Not only does this help pet parents be successful at meal times by being able to serve meals they know their cat will enjoy, but there are also definitive health benefits. Dry foods are believed to help to keep teeth clean as a result of an abrasive effect while chewing. Wet foods contain moisture and help keep cats well hydrated since cats do not have a high thirst drive. So consider a combo-diet that offers the best of both.

Sniffing out a Favorite Recipe

A cat will usually sniff the food in their food bowl before eating it. And, if the smell isn’t appealing, they may simply walk away without even taking a mouthful.

Cats have 65 million olfactory (scent) receptors, compared to the 15 million human receptors. That’s why feeding a cat a meal that has a very appealing aroma is so important.

In the wild, a cat’s prey will have different textures, so texture preferences are instinctive. In a domestic setting, some prefer soft minced foods, or lots of gravy. For others, the preference may be more chunky bites. Fortunately, Wellness CORE has a wide variety of texture in the wet range, with a new one: Wellness CORE Purely Paté, a smooth paté texture.

Wet Cat Food Forms & Textures Dictionary:

Wellness CORE has a wide variety of wet cat food texture options. We’ll define each texture below.

  • Pâté: High protein recipe with a uniform consistency. Pâtés can vary with some being softer and creamier, and others are firmer. Pâtés are spreadable when pressed with a spoon or utensil.
  • Morsels (often referred to as cubed): Distinctive cube-shaped protein cuts that are slightly larger than Gravies protein pieces. Served in light gravy.
  • Flaked: Long, thin, flat pieces of fish in broth. Serves similarly to how a can of tuna fish breaks apart.
  • Chunky: Thick chunks of protein in a thick sauce with some small shreds of meat dispersed throughout.
  • Shredded: Long thin pieces of meat in varying widths. Served in light gravy.

WellnessCore cat food

Food Trials
If you’re finding it difficult to find a food your cat prefers, consider doing your own food trial. Put out small amounts of a few different textures and see which food your cat prefers.

All Wellness CORE recipes are all well-balanced, full meals with the essential vitamins and minerals that cats need to have a healthy diet. Available in both cans and single serving pouches, with Wellness CORE you can be assured that you’ll be giving your cat a great meal!

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