CATSCat InsuranceHow puppy training can help your dog grow up happy and healthy

How puppy training can help your dog grow up happy and healthy

We all know training is the key to a well-behaved dog. And it helps to keep them physically and mentally healthy too.

But it’s tough! Here at Napo, we know getting a puppy is really exciting, but comes with some challenges. Like getting them to sleep through the night, poop outside, and not chew everything you own. In our survey of over 1000 owners, 73% of you said training a puppy is the most stressful part of being an owner.

Seeing those numbers, we launched Puppy Academy to help make your lives easier.

Take the stress out of puppy parenting

Join live, online classes led by vets and clinical animal behaviourists, covering all the life skills your pup needs to grow up happy and healthy. All classes are 45 minutes long, and there are 12 topics to choose from, including:

  • Toilet training
  • Chewing & nipping
  • Nutrition & feeding
  • Lead walking
  • Recall
  • And more!

Just pick the classes you want, and join from your sofa (or bed, we won’t judge!) Plus, it’s all free if you’re a Napo member.

Puppy training

How training keeps your puppy healthy

Almost half of all accident claims involve puppies under 6 months old. They’re still learning, so they don’t know jumping off the bed might hurt their legs, or that eating something they shouldn’t can make them sick.

Many of the things you teach your pup can keep them safe. Setting boundaries helps to prevent them from exploring unsupervised. “Leave” commands can stop them from snacking on stuff they shouldn’t. And good recall means you can bring them back to you, and away from potential dangers.

Plus, training helps to build your bond with your pup and provides much-needed mental stimulation. It’s brain training for your furry friend!

Our 3 top tips for puppy training

Puppy trainingConsistency is key
Consistency in your puppy’s routine and training are key. Dogs thrive on routine. Plus, if you feed them at the same time, you can predict when they might need the toilet. As for training, we all know practice makes perfect. Keep trying, and always use positive reinforcement.

Use plenty of positivity.
When your dog does things you want them to, give them plenty of praise and tasty treats. If your pup isn’t food motivated, use praise and playtime as a reward instead.

Use their meals
You don’t just have to use treats to reward your pup, you can use food from their meals too. This helps to prevent weight gain and can help regulate your pup’s appetite. (They won’t eat dinner if they’ve full of treats!)

You can also use their meals to help in their training. For example, if you’re crate training your pup, feed them their meals inside their crate to help build a positive association with being in the crate.

Puppy Academy is free for Napo members, along with 24/7 vet video calls.
It’s part of our mission to provide everything you need for a happy, healthy pup. 💙

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