CATSCat Food & TreatsHow to treat your cat during the Holiday season?

How to treat your cat during the Holiday season?

The holidays are a wonderful time to show those who you love best how much you care by giving them a little something extra…

Since your pets can never give themselves something extra, now is a great time to show them how much you love and value their unconditional love and companionship. Here are some examples of treating moments you can offer your little furry friend.

1. Prepare the purrfect meal:
With a wide variety of textures and flavours in wet food, Wellness CORE offers a perfect option to treat a little more your feline during the holiday season. Any way you slice, mince, or shred it, adding some canned food to a meal is adding extra excitement to your cat’s day. Even the fussiest of cats will have a hard time making a fuss over all the flavors, forms, and textures available. Wellness CORE wet cat food is made with your cat’s wellbeing in mind. Our natural recipes combine fresh meat with healthy fats for a balanced diet that delivers necessary nutrients and outstanding taste.

Wellness CORE Signature Selects and Wellness CORE 98%Now, it is only a matter of choosing your cat’s favourite texture from all of the below:

  • Pâté: High protein recipe with a uniform consistency. Meat lovers will crave the Wellness CORE 98%, made from 98% of single or duo animal protein source. Smooth texture lovers will find their pleasure in the Wellness CORE Purely Paté range, a soft pâté.
  • Morsels (Wellness CORE Tender Cuts): (often referred to as cubed): Distinctive cube-shaped protein cuts that are slightly larger than Gravies protein pieces. Served in light gravy.
  • Flaked (Wellness CORE Signature Selects): Long, thin, flat pieces of fish in broth. Serves similarly to how a can of tuna fish breaks apart. Fish lovers will fall for the Wellness CORE Signature Select Flaked range.
  • Shredded (Wellness CORE Signature Selects): Long thin pieces of meat in varying widths. Served in light gravy, perfect for meat in pieces lovers.
  • Chunky (Wellness CORE Signature Selects): Thick chunks of protein in a thick sauce with some small shreds of meat dispersed throughout.

2. Keep them active with licking mat
Regular use of a Lickimat promotes healthier teeth and gums while helping to reduce stress levels. The activities it provides are both mentally stimulating and it helps cats to focus on positive activities, reducing their overall anxiety levels.

3. Buy them an entertaining gift
The holidays are a great time to stock up on new pet toys. Some of the latest are really entertaining for you and your pet. (These, next to treats are usually every pet’s favorite things to unwrap…especially once they figure out what to do!)

  • Laser toys for cats are probably among the most entertaining of all pet toys. Cats love to chase laser lights. They run, slip, flip, and leap over lasers. KONG has several cat laser products to choose from.

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