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Hurtta: Not Just For The Active And Adventurous

It’s October, the unpredictability of the Great British Autumn is in full swing and we’re heading at pace into all the joy that winter brings, but winter doesn’t mean staying inside is a given, especially when there’s so much to experience with your four-legged friend. Embrace the active adventure and tame the outdoors with Hurtta!

Huttra outdoorsHurtta dog apparel and gear is designed to help dogs and their owners get the most out of adventurous pursuits, walks, hikes or just popping to the shops. Built with style, comfort and performance in mind, the rugged Hurtta range has been tried and tested using a proprietary sizing system based on more than 4000 dogs across hundreds of breeds to ensure that every product fits how it should so that dogs and their owners can make the most of the great outdoors as well as the day-to-day activities of life. Big or small. Short hair or long. Active or not so much. Hurtta has the perfect fit for any dog.

The Hurtta range has been thoughtfully designed and is loved by people all over the world, in the most varied of climates. From coats and harnesses to collars and training accessories, every Hurtta product is manufactured to exacting standards in a range of modern style-orientated colours and designs.

Hurtta clothing and apparel is not just for the more adventure inclined dogs however, Hurtta has a full range of town and city appropriate harnesses and coats suitable for walks around the park as well as more sedate canine capers. One example is the Weekend Warrior Harness, an ergonomic padded harness with a unique design and adjustable neck and chest straps, snap closures, and an ultra-breathable lining. In a range of stylish colours, alongside matching collars and leashes, the Weekend Warrior harness is designed with a huge range of dogs in mind. The harness also comes in an eco-model for the more environmentally conscious owners, made from 100% recycled polyester!

For those dogs and owners that do enjoy a bit more of a bracing time outdoors, Hurtta’s range of coats are designed to combat the harshest weather, whilst perfectly blending style with comfort and performance. The ever-popular Monsoon Coat is a highly technical all-weather coat, featuring an adjustable fit and made from Hurtta’s trademark houndtex fabric. The coat has a special rain stopping inner collar and has fully taped seams which make the coat completely waterproof. The Monsoon Coat also features advanced thermal technology to keep dogs warm and comfortable and the colour range draws on effortless Scandi style, keeping dogs looking cool in the presence of Mother Nature. New for this season is the Eco-Rosehip colour, a vibrant and stylish addition made from recycled materials.

Huttra harnessAs the temperature continues to drop in the winter months, Hurtta has every type of dog covered. The Expedition Parka is a high-quality, high-performance warming dog coat designed for when the weather gets that little bit more extreme. The modern colour selections combine perfectly with the subtle textured fabric. Featuring a protective collar and hem, ultra-durable fabric and soft knit lining, the Expedition Parka is ideal for short-haired dogs and those more sensitive to the cold, providing protection and warmth in temperatures up to -30 degrees Celsius!

The colder months do bring their challenges, but helping to keep your dog warm, comfortable, and protected when on the move with Hurtta clothing and apparel means that an active Autumn/Winter lifestyle can be fuss-free, fulfilling and fun!

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