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Ideas to treat a little more your furry friend during the Holiday season

Want to treat a little extra your little feline this Christmas? Wellness CORE has three ideas to help you!

  1. Prepare the purrfect meal: Any way you slice, mince, or shred it, adding some canned food to a meal is adding extra excitement to your cat’s day. Even the fussiest of cats will have a hard time making a fuss over all the flavors, forms, and textures available. Wellness CORE wet cat food are made with your cat’s wellbeing in mind. Our natural recipes combine fresh meat with healthy fats for a balanced diet that delivers on necessary nutrients and outstanding taste.
  2. Keep them active with licking mat: Regular use of a Lickimat promotes healthier teeth and gums while helping to reduce stress levels. The activities it provides are both mentally stimulating and it helps cats to focus on positive activities, reducing their overall anxiety levels.
  3. Buy them an entertaining gift: The holidays are a great time to stock up on new pet toys. Some of the latest are really entertaining for you and your pet. (These, next to treats are usually every pet’s favorite things to unwrap…especially once they figure out what to do!)

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