e-NewsletterINABA - Providing food that is high-quality, nutrient rich

INABA – Providing food that is high-quality, nutrient rich

Ciao Churu treat range includes high quality super premium, moist treats for cats which are incredibly palatable.

Churu® treats are grain & potato free, with no fillers or derivatives and have added functional ingredients like Green Tea Extract and Collagen.

Churu Puree
Creamy & irresistible puree in fish, seafood & chicken varieties. Cats love to lick it straight from the tube or it is also perfect to use as a food topper

Churu Pops
A slightly chewier version of our irresistible puree perfect for cats who get a little too excited to gobble up their Churu® Puree and need to eat a little slower

Churu Bites
Creamy & irresistible Churu® puree encased in bite sized parcels of moist chicken which are perfect as high value training rewards or for hiding pills

Churu Rolls
Stick shaped treat of succulent chicken filled with our creamy & irresistible Churu® puree, also ideal for hiding pills but great for hand feeding cats!

For further information, please visit www.churutreats.co.uk



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