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Innovations and Investments at The Barking Bakery

As The Barking Bakery prepares to celebrate its significant milestone of a decade in business, the company takes pride in showcasing its ongoing dedication to innovation and investment in various facets of its operations.

This commitment spans processes, personnel, quality control, innovations, and equipment, all aimed at meeting customer demand and elevating the quality of the bakery’s product offerings. In 2023, substantial efforts were dedicated to refining the quality parameters of products and optimising key processes within the bakery.

The Barking Bakery Innovations

Through meticulous work, the team successfully tightened process tolerances, resulting in greater consistency across their entire product line. This ensures that every treat leaving the Barking Bakery meets the high standards customers have come to expect. Sustainability and natural ingredients are core values at the Barking Bakery, and throughout 2023, the team remained steadfast in sourcing materials that align with these principles. By prioritising sustainable sourcing and natural flavours and colourings, the company maintains its commitment to delivering treats that not only taste great but also harmonise with the values of pet owners who prioritise quality, unique and conscientious consumption.

Investments in equipment upgrades have been a cornerstone of the Barking Bakery’s strategy for growth and improvement. In particular, significant investments have been made in advanced depositing technology to ensure precise cake frosting consistency and upgraded biscuit manufacturing capabilities to offer unique, bespoke designs. This allows the company to manufacture and white-label bespoke products for leading companies within the Pet Industry.

The Barking Bakery team

Additionally, increased baking efficiency has been achieved to keep pace with the growing demand for Barking Bakery treats. Furthermore, implementing improved pre-packing drying facilities and state-of-the-art packing, labelling, and coding systems has enhanced product security, ensuring that every treat reaches customers in optimal condition. However, investments in equipment are just one aspect of the Barking Bakery’s strategy for success. The company also recognises the importance of investing in its people. This includes welcoming seasoned professionals to the team, such as Mark Jones, a production management expert with over two decades of experience in the food manufacturing industry.

The Barking Bakery team

Additionally, Mitchell Pearson, a seasoned sales manager with a strong background in the pet sector, has joined the team to lead European sales efforts. Collaborating with award-winning digital marketing specialist Tim Marner, they aim to strategically showcase The Barking Bakery’s offerings to a wider audience, further driving growth and brand recognition. Furthermore, strategic partnerships with distributors across Europe have been established, aiming to expand the company’s reach and make its high-quality products accessible to pet owners throughout the continent.
The Barking Bakery team

These collaborations not only facilitate expansion but also strengthen The Barking Bakery’s position in the competitive pet treat market. In summary, The Barking Bakery’s journey to its 10-year anniversary is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. By investing in processes, equipment, people, and strategic partnerships, the company continues to set new standards for quality and sustainability in the pet treat industry, ensuring that pets and their owners can enjoy the best treats possible for years to come. 

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