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Innovations and Investments at The Barking Bakery

As The Barking Bakery approaches its 10-year milestone, it reaffirms its commitment to innovation and investment across its operations.

In 2023, the company focused on refining product quality and processes, resulting in greater consistency and sustainability. Investments in advanced equipment, including depositing technology and biscuit manufacturing capabilities, have enabled the creation of bespoke products for leading pet industry companies.

Efficiency upgrades and enhanced packaging facilities ensure product security and optimal quality. Recognising the importance of its team, the company welcomed seasoned professionals like Mark Jones and Mitchell Pearson, along with digital marketing specialist Tim Marner. Strategic partnerships with European distributors aim to expand the company’s reach and accessibility. The Barking Bakery’s journey is marked by a dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, setting new standards in the pet treat industry.

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