DOGSDog ToysIntroducing Kompact9, the first pocket size ball thrower

Introducing Kompact9, the first pocket size ball thrower

Kompact9 was born from a frustration. One shared by many dog owners. Do we go on a long walk and lug the lengthy and cumbersome ball thrower with us?

Or do we just go to the park and play fetch. We thought there must be a way you could do both. So, we designed and built it.

At the same time, we also wanted to create something that was easy to use (and transport), for people of all ages and abilities. We specifically wanted physically challenged people to be able to use a ball launcher. Now they can.

Finally, we wanted to make it completely environmentally friendly. From the unit itself, to the hygienic drawstring bag, and the packaging it comes in.

It’s completely portable
Kompact9 ball throwerOur unique, telescopic design allows our product to retract to comfortably fit in a pocket.

It’s wonderfully hygienic
Kompact9 comes with a drawstring cover, banishing unwelcome dog slobber to the pages of history.

It’s recycled and sustainable
Kompact9 is made from 100% recycled plastic, our drawstring bag is made from recycled plastic bottles, and our packaging is made from a combination of recycled or FSC certified cardboard.

It’s designed to be used by people of all abilities
Our telescopic shaft and ball cup design make it much easier to release the ball than other throwers. And it requires significantly less strength and energy to throw.

It’s manufactured in the UK
Kompact9 is designed in Marlow and made in Devon, further enhancing our environmental credentials.

It’s rocket science
Kompact9 was designed by Alex Richardson, who holds a master’s degree in aerospace engineering. He’s a real-life rocket scientist.

Kompact9 poket size ball thrower

Find out more

To see Kompact9 in action, please just click here to see our 30 second video. You can also visit our website for more information on the design, manufacturing process and our environmental credentials. Finally, you can see the reviews we are receiving at



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