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Introducing Rùn – Cold Pressed dog food

At just over a year old, Rùn is one of the newest Cold Pressed brands to hit the UK market. Made in Scotland, from ingredients that we source as locally as possible, Rùn’s recipes have been crafted by canine nutritionists, using the very latest scientific knowledge. Every single ingredient has been carefully chosen, both for their very specific nutritional benefits, and to ensure that our recipes are perfectly balanced.

With our Cold Pressing method, we create a dry product that’s both nutritionally dense and easy to absorb, making it extremely gentle on fuzzy tummies. To take this a step further, we wanted Rùn’s recipes to reflect this easy digestion. That’s why we’ve removed grains, maintained a very specific protein content and have made our Adult range with single-source animal ingredients. You won’t find Fish oil in our Adult Chicken recipe, or Chicken fat or liver in our Adult Fish.

Dog with Dog foodWe launched in April 2020 with our Chicken & Sweet Potato, for Adult dogs. Then, in February of this year, we introduced our amazing Puppy-specific Sea Fish & Chicken.

The grain free, mixed protein recipe has been carefully designed to give growing pups the ultimate nutrition for their stage-specific needs.

We are now very excitedly preparing to launch our next Adult recipe – Mixed Sea Fish & Sweet Potato. Much anticipated by all (including our two fuzzy taste testers at HQ!), this has been our most asked for protein source.

Zero waste dog food

Run Dog foodAs well as ensuring that Rùn’s range of food is great for dogs and puppies, we wanted to make sure that the packaging we use is great for the planet. That’s why, after a full year of researching plastic-free packaging options, we settled on the most eco packaging we could find. 100% paper. To make up for all that paper use, we plant trees for every single online order. Our customers are helping us to grow a forest!

But then we decided to go one step further….. And got rid of the packaging all together.

Our select retailers have the option to purchase Rùn in ginormous bulk 25Kg paper sacks, at a lower cost/Kg. This discount is then passed on to their customers, when they BYOC (bring your own container). It’s all about refills: dog owners can weigh out the exact amount they need, saving money and helping the planet.

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