It all began with Bwlch Hemp, the dog on the CSJ logo. One of a long line of winning dogs, bred by Ceri Rundle, founder of CSJ on her farm in North Wales. Ceri has a unique history and understanding of dogs, that sets CSJ apart from other dog food companies. “We’re dog people… Dogs have always been a natural part of our life – that’s how the business has grown”.

It’s a dog food jungle out there…
With so many options when it comes to feeding your dog – raw, cooked, complete kibble and conflicting information, finding the right food for your dog can be confusing.

Nowadays we’re all aware of what ingredients go into our dog’s food and how these can impact on our dog’s health. At CSJ, we make sure our recipes only contain natural ingredients – without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.




We source all our ingredients as locally as possible. Carefully formulated by UK leading canine nutritionists, our recipes are fully balanced. Each ingredient is chosen for its nutrients – no fillers here! Every product is checked before it leaves our factory, to ensure full quality assurance.

Wheat isn’t always the villain
Over recent years, we’ve seen more dogs suffer from skin issues and digestive upsets. There’s a growing trend for wheat-free and cereal-free recipes. Indeed, we include several grain-free products in our range. However, we’ve also noticed that wheat is fine for some dogs and something else is causing the problem. It could be chicken, beef or rice and depends on the dog – they’re all different! That’s why we offer a range of over 25 recipes, with a wide selection of ingredients.

We won’t tell you – we ask you
There are many factors to consider when you choose the right recipe for your best friend. So, on our website, you’ll find a short form with questions about your dog’s age, breed, body condition, exercise, current diet, likes or dislikes, health problems and why you’re looking to change food.

Talk to Nicki
As soon as our specialist dog nutrition advisor Nicki has all the info, she’ll give you individual recommendations from our range and suggest feeds, supplements and treats. Nicki has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has worked in the industry for over 17 years.
Dogs are often a good judge of which recipe is right for them. So, when we send out samples of our suggested feeds, we recommend you offer your dog all the samples at once, in separate bowls and see what they choose! Often, a dog will seek out the recipe that suits them best and eat that first – then polish off the rest! Sometimes there’s one recipe they’re not so keen on – this usually contains the ingredient that doesn’t work for them.

CSJ beats other brands on price
We work hard to keep our feeds, supplements, herbs and treats more reasonably priced than other brands. “As farming people, we like practical solutions at down to earth prices. We don’t waste money on glossy packaging or a large sales force. You can rely on finding good value at CSJ, without compromising on quality…” Ceri Rundle

Proud to be British
CSJ feeds are almost 100% British – using British ingredients. “As a company, we have extremely low ‘food miles’ – the distance our ingredients travel to the factory. We only import vitamins and minerals that we can’t source locally and do all we can to support the British economy”. Ceri Rundle

We listen to customer needs and make products to match
As dog people, we like to hear about dog issues and as a result, we’ve developed products including:
Billy No Mates! – natural and effective way to help keep beasties away
CP Xtra – first no wheat gluten-free mixer
Ring O’ Fire! herb supplement – for dogs ‘bum shuffling’ with anal gland issues
Dem Bones! – for stinky dogs! Wheat gluten-free tasty treat that calms flatulence, bad breath, cleans teeth without encouraging weight gain.

If you’d like to try feeding your dog the CSJ way, get in touch with us via our website to see what we recommend for your best friend.