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Is Your Reptile Receiving The Correct Nutrition?

Exotic animals such as reptiles, birds and small mammals are commonly overlooked when it comes to health supplements, and their often-complicated dietary requirements are not always met through a sole food source.

Specialising in exotic and companion animals, Vetark has been providing the pet supplement industry with trusted and reliable nutritional formulations since 1988. We strive to improve the health and nutrition of your reptile and reduce the impact of short- and long-term health conditions in pets.

Calcium deficiencies occur readily in reptiles due to their dietary needs not always being met in domestic environments. As a result of such nutrition deficiencies, you may notice abnormal bone growth, bone / shell deformities or muscle tremors, with metabolic bone disease being the most common nutritional disorder that can be seen in your reptile. In the wild, reptiles will ingest vitamins and minerals as a by-product when consuming insects, fruit and vegetables, and so we must ensure we consider this when deciding what to feed them. Nutrobal, our best-selling reptile supplement for routine use, is a must have for all reptile owners. The high calcium balancer and multivitamin and mineral support provides a high potency calcium source with added vitamin D3 to ensure the uptake of the calcium present. The calcium phosphorus ratio of 46:1 is extremely important in ensuring healthy bone growth and supporting the reproductive function in reptiles. The powder formula can easily be added to the food, including being dusted onto live food such as crickets, locusts and mealworms for insectivores, ensuring maximum uptake.

reptile nutrition reptoboostIf your lizard, snake or tortoise is sick, under veterinary care or stressed (perhaps due to a change in environment, the introduction of a new reptile, or changes in diet) they may benefit from Reptoboost, a carefully blended mixture of glucose, maltodextrins, electrolytes, vitamins and probiotics. The probiotic organisms present in the formula live for a short time in the gut, helping to stabilise the pH levels in order to re-establish the correct balance in bacteria, and is of high importance for reptiles receiving veterinary treatment to stop any breakouts of harmful bacteria; in turn causing additional health problems. The liquid formula added to the drinking water helps give debilitated reptiles a pick-me-up by providing them with extra energy when they really need it. It is also particularly valuable for tortoises for post-hibernation recovery, nursing them back to full strength quickly and effectively.

It is not just nutritional supplements however that should make up your reptile’s health care. Whilst nutrition is hugely important when it comes to keeping exotic pets, like a reptile, it is also necessary to keep their living environment clean to reduce the spread of any harmful bacteria. Reptiles are susceptible to skin and bacteria infections, and can also spread diseases via their faeces, so vivarium and other equipment should be disinfected regularly. Ark-Klens, our 3-in-1 disinfectant, cleanser and deodoriser is a vital element of your reptile’s overall health, helping protect against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and diseases, and is non-toxic and non-irritant.

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Keeping your pet’s environment clean is not the only area of focus when maintaining hygiene though, as pet owners you should also ensure your own hand hygiene is cared for to help prevent the transmission of diseases, particularly if you own multiple pets and are going between different tanks or cages. Our new Defense range includes antibacterial hand soap and gels, both containing Lactoferricin for a unique antibacterial action against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

We understand that your pet’s health is your number one priority, and we have made it our mission to bring pet owners affordable pet nutrition, addressing the industry’s need for product efficacy and integrity.

Recommended and supplied by vets, our products are also used by universities, scientists and zoos, as well as pet owners, and can be found in most pet retailers across the UK.

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